Menterra invests in health tech companies

Menterra Social Impact Fund has invested in technology companies covering HealthTech, AgTech and EdTech. These investments include Omix Labs and Adiuvo Diagnostics in healthcare. With these investments, Menterra has a portfolio of 10 investments and it is nearing a complete deployment of its first fund.
OmiX Labs has built a next-generation molecular diagnostics platform for rapid detection of infectious diseases. DNA-based proprietary tests allow detection of bugs causing infection within few hours instead of waiting for microbial culture over a few days. Specific information on resistance to common antibiotics enables targeted treatment. Temperature neutral protocols make it possible to use these tests in under resourced settings.
Adiuvo uses machine learning
enabled, non-invasive and portable device that uses multi-spectral imaging for wound care and detection of skin infections. This technology allows significant improvements over existing visual methods. Adiuvo is building a very advanced and powerful platform technology with multiple related products in the pipeline.
Said Mukesh Sharma, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Menterra Venture, “Menterra was formed to use the power of technology to deliver impact at scale by improving the quality of farming, healthcare and education in India. We are delighted to welcome such a talented group of founders to Menterra family.”

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