Siemens Healthineers introduces Cios Fit

Cios Fit-a multidisciplinary mobile C-arm ready for demanding environments, was introduced recently by Siemens Healthineers, setting a benchmark in mobile C-arms. Cios Fit is designed to help in improving quality of care, achieve efficient workflows, and profit from high uptime; thereby reducing avoidable costs. It is built for the tough job in the OR where the equipment needs to deliver high quality imaging, be simplified in its usage and robust to last for long; while ensuring price point is not exceeded.
With Cios Fit-powerful imaging technology, the surgeons are able to maintain consistency with crystal clear images of anatomical structures, implants, screws and devices resulting in accurate treatment and thus improving patient experience. Dr Nanjappa KM, Cauvery Uroderm Center, at Kalyan, near Mumbai, where Cios Fit was recently tested shared his experience while performing an endo-urology procedure. He mentioned, “Cios Fit has an exceptional image quality. The touch screen display and the printer with the machine is a good add on feature for documentation. Moreover, the pulse mode of the machine is so well integrated with the software, that the dynamic images in this mode are very smooth, without any ghosting and lags.”

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