Transasia demonstrates its market leadership by launching five new instruments

079Transasia Bio- Medicals Ltd., is a leader in the Indian Diagnostic Industry and provider of the highest quality products and services. With a wide array of products in specialities such as Biochemistry, Hematology, Diabetes Management, Coagulation, Critical Care, Electrophoresis, Microbiology, Immunology, Molecular Diagnostics and Urine Analysis, Transasia offers Total Solutions in Clinical Diagnosis.Over a period of three decades, Transasia has set benchmarks by indigenously manufacturing and providing some of the latest and best technologies across the world. Through its active participation in various conferences and seminars, Transasia has always showcased its expertise.

The recently concluded 40th National Conference of Association of Clinical Biochemists of India (ACBICON) and 62nd Annual Conference of IAPM & Annual Conference of IAP-ID (APCON 2013) witnessed Transasia add five more gems to its already studded crown! Transasia launched the following five latest and technologically advanced instruments at the two conferences:

  • XL 1000- Automated random access clinical chemistry analyzer with a throughput of 800 photometric tests/hr and 1120 tests/hr with ISE

  • EM 180 Destiny- Fully automated, random access, discrete clinical chemistry analyzer with throughput of 180 photometric tests/ hr & 400 tests / hr with ISE (optional)

  • Hb Vario-  Fully Automated High Performance Liquid Chromatography Analyzer with HbA1c, HbA2/ F test

  • Easylyte Xpand- The latest critical care analyzer offering  Ca & Li parameters in addition to Na,K,Cl

  • Laura M-  Next generation urine analyzer with Microalbumin and Creatinine results in 60 seconds

At ACBICON 2013, Dr. Arvind Lal, CMD of Dr. Lal Pathlabs inaugurated XL 1000 in the presence of some of the most reputed biochemistry experts of the country. At ACBICON, Swami Sarvalokanand Maharaj of Ramakrishna Mission, Mumbai jointly inaugurated EM180 Destiny alongwith Dr. KP Sinha, the Past President and Chairman of ACBICON. While Dr. Praveen Sharma, Head- Biochemistry Dept., AIIMS Jodhpur inaugurated Laura M and Easylyte Xpand, Hb Vario was inaugurated by Prof. Venkatesh.

Infact the very first order for XL 1000 in India was placed right after the launch by Shyam Tyagi & Sunil Duggal- Founder Members, Wellness Pathcare, New Delhi.

Similarly, at APCON 2013, Dr. K. S. Bhople, Dean, Govt. Medical College, Aurangabad inaugurated XL 1000 while Dr. Rajan Bindu, Head- Pathology and Org. Secretary- APCON inaugurated Laura M. HbVario was launched by Dr. Sujay Prasad- Director, Anand Diagnostics, Bangalore. Dr. Murtaza another Joint Secretary of IAPM, Aurangabad, launched Easylyte Xpand.

Keeping up to the spirit of the event, the experts from Transasia presented a scientific session on ‘Update in automation of urine chemistry analyzer’ and ‘Launch of high speed biochemistry analyzers.’ Our Global Product Manager, Dr. Pavel from Czech Republic gave the presentation at both the conferences.

The evening was made fun too, with a banquet dinner organized for the visitors exclusively by Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd. The dance and dine and DJ were thoroughly enjoyed by all customers. At both conferences, Transasia had the largest and most significant participation.

With these latest additons, Transasia continues in its mission to meet the needs for reliable, affordable  and innovative medical diagnostic systems for doctors and patients worldwide.

Transasia introduces LAURA M- the next generation urine analyzer in India



Transasia Bio- Medicals Ltd. is a leader in the Indian Diagnostic Industry, and over a period of three Laura M is the next generation Urine Analyzer with high-throughput, that is capable of measuring all routine parameters in urine along with Microalbumin and Creatinine which are specific urine markers of nephropathy. Objective evaluation of the urine samples by LAURA® M instrument helps to eliminate any subjective interpretation and operator bias of the colour reaction of the diagnostic pads and therefore contributes to the correct diagnosis of the patients.The latest offering from the house of Transasia is Laura M, a quick and simple solution for the analysis of urine. Laura M is produced by ERBA Lachema, the Czech Republic subsidiary of ERBA Diagnostics Mannheim GmbH, of which Transasia is a part.decades, it has set benchmarks by indigenously manufacturing and providing some of the latest and best technologies across the world. With a wide array of products in specialties such as Biochemistry, Hematology, Diabetes Management, Coagulation, Critical Care, Electrophoresis, Microbiology, Immunology, Molecular Diagnostics and Urine Analysis, Transasia offers Total Solutions in Clinical Diagnostics.

Laura M is designed to nullify the potential errors in urine analysis due to operator bias, operator handling, pre- analytical and sample issues. Equipped with a plethora of sensors to manage the entire workflow Laura M ensures most accurate results along with maximum compliance with strict quality systems prescription.

ERBA Lachema with a history of path breaking technology in the field of Urinalysis has developed LAURA® M with features which are unparalleled.  

Major features of Urine Analyzer Laura M:

Smooth Workflow Management: LAURA® M with its user friendly feature of continuous loading and very a high throughput of 600 measurements per hour allows efficient workflow in a high workload environment. Results are given in just 60 seconds for all its parameters. The instrument can be connected to a bar code reader to simplify work list creation and reduce hands on time. Laura M is capable of interfacing with Laboratory Information System (LIS).

Efficient Data Management:LAURA® M has internal memory capacity of 2000 measurements. It has a standard interface via RS232 and USB ports which enables the instrument to be connected to the Laboratory Information System (LIS) either for reporting or archiving data.

Cutting-Edge Hardware Features:The sleek ergonomic design of LAURA® M denotes quality that the brand Lachema stands for. The large colour touch screen makes operation easy and user friendly. Hygienic disposal of used strips is done by a waste container. It has an in-built thermal printer which flags all abnormal results.

Unique dry strip detection in case of operator error of samplication on the reagent strip:Multiple sensors detect the strip at different stages and ensure reliable test strip recognition. LAURA® M automatically recognizes if the waste container is full and displays warning on the screen.

Sophisticated Software Features: Laura M provides extreme flexibility of interchanging between different metric systems for units of measurement.  Laura M allows user to set critical values as per laboratory practices. The USB ports can be used for software upgradation for improved and latest features.

PHAN Diagnostics Strips for Laura M: ERBA Lachema through extensive research and development has mastered the art of manufacturing urine strips. The PHAN range of urine reagents strips are protected against the common concentration of Ascorbic Acid (200-800mg/dL), ensuring no interference with measurement of Glucose,  Blood, or Nitrates on the strip. DekPHAN Laura and MicroAlbuPHAN Laura are routine 10 parameters and 2 parameters specialized Microalbumin and Creatinine test strips respectively . All Phan range of strips have a uniform incubation period of 60 seconds.

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