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SIMS Hospital,Chennai renders 360 degree advanced tertiary healthcare services with multi-super speciality and a state-of-the-art multi-organ transplant service. Spread over 2,30,000 square feet, SIMS Hospital offers recuperative solutions for those who are ailing and total health solutions for those who seek good health, brings together internationally renowned experts from different spheres of medicine.

Dr Raju Sivasamy

Dr Raju Sivasamy, Vice President of SIMS Hospital, Chennai, highlights various features of the hospital and future plans

What is the bed strength of the hospital? When was the hospital started?
The hospital has a total of 345 beds. Thirty per cent of the beds are dedicated to ICUs. The hospital is just over a year old, it commenced business in 2014.

From which countries does your hospital receive international patients?
Oman, Iraq, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Australia, Bali, USA, Canada, Sri Lanka, Doha, UAE, UK, Indonesia, Ireland, West Indies, Japan, Egypt, Kuwait, Malaysia, Kenya, New Zealand, Madagascar, USA, Sudan, Mauritius, Indonesia, Nigeria, Muscat, Andaman Islands, Singapore, Tanzania, Thailand, Ethiopia, Nepal. Somalia, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Lithuania, Rwanda, Philippines, Spain, Sweden, Tanzania, South Africa, Yemen – are countries from where we have received patients.
The international patients come for which procedures?
Cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, orthopaedic surgery, plastic surgery, renal surgery, oncology, gastro surgery, IVF, ENT, paediatrics.

How many international patients has the group treated so far?
Approximately 640 patients from April 2015 to March 2016.

What is the footfall of international patients treated every year?
The hospital is just over a year old. We can expect about 600 footfalls or more, year on year.

In how many countries do you have your information centre?
Only in Myanmar and Oman.

Do you have tie-ups with any country for getting international patients?
Not so far; it is in the process.

What does your group do to ensure comfort of international patients? Please give an elaborate response.
We have an elaborate process to assist the patient, starting from the first call to the follow up on his return to his homeland. Our process includes tracking the patient’s first call or email, coordinating patient needs with the consultant team, documentation in terms of proposed treatment, costing, help with visa formalities, pick up, admission into hospital, follow up right up to discharge, drop at airport and follow through on return home.

Any plans in the pipeline to strengthen your medical tourism business?
To make it more robust, by looking into country information centres and tie ups. These plans are nascent at the moment.