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Dr V Mohan, Chairman & Chief of Diabetology, Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre, talks about the unique services offered by his group

Within a span of 25 years, Dr Mohan’s DSC has blossomed into an international centre of excellence. What has been the key to your institute’s success?
I have been working in the field of diabetes, since my undergraduate days. I was lucky to be mentored by my fath
er, late Professor M Viswanathan, considered as the ‘Father of Diabetology’ in India. This early start and the first 20 years that I spent with my father at his institute, the MV Hospital for Diabetes, helped us to develop Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre into a world class institute. We established this centre in 1991 and subsequently the centre has grown to have its presence in many parts of India and even abroad.

Please tell us about the USP of Dr Mohan’s DSC. What are the unique services that you offer?
We offer ‘total diabetes care’ i.e. offer all diabetes specialities under one roof. This is a concept which we evolved in the early 1980s and have perfected over the years. Moreover, we have a very strong research base through our sister institution, ‘The Madras Diabetes Research Foundation’. We are always innovating in the space of diabetes therapy, prevention and in etiology of diabetes. This always keeps us ahead and helps us to innovate because we believe that ‘Today’s research is tomorrow’s treatment’.

Share with us about the initiatives taken by your speciality centre to build Dr Mohan’s DSC brand identity in the healthcare industry.
From the beginning, we have insisted that we will maintain ‘world class quality’. We were the first to introduce Electronic Medical Records. Today , we have 3,70,000 patients in our diabetes electronic records which by far is the largest in the world. We were also the first to introduce several new innovations in the country. For instance, we were the first to set up a separate eye unit for diabetic retinopathy and many other innovations. Recently, we have set up our genetics division and through this, we are able to accurately genotype our patients which helps in providing personalised treatment to our patients. All these have helped to build Dr Mohan’s brand in the healthcare industry.

Your centre has been doing phenomenal service to the Indian community. How have you poised yourself to treat patients beyond borders? What special services do you offer for international patients?
We have already started a centre in Muscat, Oman which is doing well. We hope to take the same world class services that we offer in India to our international patients as well and expand to other countries.

Do you see any challenges treating international patients? How do you manage the treatment modality?
I don’t see any special challenges in treating international patients. We do get patients from Muscat, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and even from the UK, the US and Canada who come to us for our specialised treatment. After the initial treatment at our centre at our main headquarters in Gopalapuram, we do offer email consultations for sometime till they come back to our centre for their review.

Can you highlight some diabetes disease profile that is prevalent with international patients. How different is the disease profile compared to our disease profile?
Many of the patients who come from abroad are overweight or frankly obese and hence insulin resistance is an added problem with these patients. Moreover, many of the patients only come when they develop complications like foot complications. A common scenario is that when a doctor advises an amputation, they rush to our centre – hoping we can save the foot. If we create greater awareness, we can get patients to come at earlier stages, thereby offer even better treatment to them.

What steps are required to be taken by healthcare entities to propel the growth of
for our country?

There is a lot of potential for medical tourism because India offers world class care at an affordable rate.
However, a lot of marketing and creation of awareness is needed.

Can you share your future vision for Dr Mohan’s DSC.
Till now, we have been mainly focused on Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Hyderabad. In the near future, we hope to become a pan-India brand and also spread our wings to several countries in the Middle East and Africa.