Star Health Network, Inc. and Core Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. announce collaboration

India has an annual incidence of a 1 million new cancer patients every year

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Star Health Network, Inc., a New York based Healthcare Company and CORE Diagnostics, a clinical diagnostics laboratory focused on bringing advanced diagnostics techniques and expertise to India, announced a collaboration to extend the use of the Celsee Diagnostics’ liquid biopsy test in India.

Primary, and metastatic tumors shed cells into the bloodstream. These are called circulating tumor cells [CTC]. The Celsee CTC test detects cancer cells in the blood stream and determines whether cancer treatment is working, or the disease is spreading. The test is a valuable aid to oncologists in evaluating prognosis of metastatic breast, colorectal, and prostate and Lung cancers.

India has an annual incidence of a 1 million new cancer patients every year and about 700,000 deaths attributed to cancer. Most of the deaths happen when the cancer metastasizes, that is the cancer spreads from primary tumor to other organs of the body. Current radiation methods for determining for tumor such as CT scans or PET scans do not have the resolution to detect tumors unless they grow to a certain size and cannot be used often to monitor cancer progression or effectiveness of therapy. Celsee CTC test is a fast and effective blood test that is a radiation free alternative. Test results are available within 4 hours.  Tests helps determine whether cancer treatment is working and has the potential of detecting cancer before it spreads to other parts of the body.

CORE Diagnostics will add the CTC test to their expanding list of tests, and market the product to the patient population across India.

“CTC is an instrumental technology in aiding cancer treatment. Star Health Network is helping commercialize Celsee CTC technology across India and is excited to forge the collaboration with CORE Diagnostics,” said Jamal Naiyer, M.D., CEO of Star Health Network.

“We are happy to partner with Star Health Network, and to add this state-of-the-art CTC test to our growing menu,” added Zoya Brar, Founder & Managing Director of Core Diagnostics.

“Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) are the very cells that leads to the spread of cancer (metastasis) from the primary tumor to other organs of the body. However, these cells are very rare, only a few are present in a background of billions of normal blood cells. Celsee’s proprietary platform enables capture and analysis of these rare cells. CTC analysis obviates the need for painful, surgical biopsies by a simple blood test. Right now the same test is able to detect and enumerate CTCs from patients of metastatic breast, prostate, colon or lung cancer patients.” Explained Dr. Kalyan Handique, President  & CEO Celsee Diagnostics.