Roche Diagnostics raises the bar on blood screening in the Middle East

Every year, over 108 million blood donations are made worldwide

Blood screening, Roche Diagnostics

Today at the 34th International Conference of ISBT in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Roche Diagnostics introduced powerful blood safety innovations.  These cutting-edge solutions will further enable blood banks in the Middle East and around the world with high-sensitivity blood screening solutions needed to secure blood supplies.  With the aid of these tools, the risk of contaminated blood is significantly reduced. Moreover, patients in need will be provided with safe transfusions as a result of the reduction in manual steps.  The comprehensive portfolio of advanced serology screening and Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) technologies, delivers industry-leading reliability and workflow efficiency for blood centres, bringing peace of mind to both physicians and patients. 

 Every year, over 108 million blood donations are made worldwide. This transfusion of blood and blood products help save millions of lives yet infectious diseases pose a significant threat on public health; thus, making reliability an unshakable necessity. Reaffirming Roche’s commitment to the highest levels of quality in the Middle East, the Blood Safety Solution by Roche not only brings this reliability to blood banks but also full traceability, excellent cross-contamination controls and less downtime.  The efficiency of laboratories is extended to the fullest when such benefits are advanced from state-of-the-art technologies like Electrochemiluminescence (ELC) and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR); resulting in high specificity and NAT real-time-target-discrimination.

 Commenting on this year’s active participation at the International Society for Blood Transfusion, Harald Wolf, General Manager – Roche Diagnostics Middle East, said: “ISBT is a great launchpad to present our Blood Safety Solutions as securing safe blood supplies has become an increasingly important element in healthcare.  We are proud to bring our innovations to the UAE and the Middle East as it delivers reliability and workflow efficiency to blood centres; bringing peace of mind to both patients and physicians in the region. ”

 Renowned worldwide for being first movers and adopters in many fields, the United Arab Emirates has always been at the forefront of securing safe blood supplies by taking significant strides in equipping its blood donation centres across the country with the latest diagnostic technologies available.  Thus, ISBT which is taking place in the UAE for the first time sets the perfect stage to display these innovations locally, regionally and to the world alike.