The Game Changers in MVT

The top 10 MVT facilitators that leading hospitals opt for

Medical tourism

Several healthcare organisations largely depend on local MVT facilitators to get a steady stream of international patients. Around 60% of MVT patients in India get routed through facilitators, point out market analysts. We present you a list of top 10 MVT facilitator companies, based on recommendations from hospitals.

Company started in: The company was started as High Beam Global in the year 2010. It was changed to HBG Medical Assistance Pvt. Ltd. in 2011.
Founded by: Abhik Moitra and Nandita Gupta.

Geographies it taps: It assists patients from 14 countries: Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Ghana, Iraq, Oman, UAE, Yemen, Uzbekistan and Bangladesh.

Indian cities it sends patients to: New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru & Hyderabad.

USP of the company: Says Abhik Moitra, COO, HBG, “HBG’s USP is our operation team with language experts who are trained to ensure that we bring smile on the face of each and every patient.”

Holding medical camps/CMEs in foreign locales? Often, it organises medical camps, CME programmes, community talks and networking dinner programmes in almost all countries where it operates.

Revenue sharing model with clients: “We get our consulting fee from the hospitals. Similarly, we pay consulting fee to our distribution chain,” says Moitra.

Mode of payment: “We deal only through bank accounts and follow each and every rule of the land,” says Moitra.

Thoughts about MVT segment in India: Says Moitra, “Business from countries like Nigeria, which were larger contributors to India’s medical tourism industry, have plunged due to the low oil prices and currency depreciation. Other nations such as Kenya, which are politically and economically stable, have growing in the stature. We foresee new markets such as Namibia, Angola, Eastern European countries becoming a new source of patients for India very soon.”