Navya Network- online expert opinion service for cancer patients


Navya Expert Opinion Service ushers in a revolutionary approach in cancer care by empowering patients with critical information within 24 hours. This enables families make informed decisions with adequate inputs from oncologists at Tata Memorial Centre and National Cancer Grid (including cancer centers like AIIMS, Kidwai, Max Hospital, etc.). This service, available at, allows patients to upload their medical test reports and obtain a response from world-renowned experts within 24 hours, saving precious time that is often spent in travel and getting doctor appointments.

Balancing the need to act quickly while ensuring that the decision is made with all relevant expert inputs is when Navya’s Online Expert Opinion Service becomes a powerful ally. The quick turnaround is owed to the expert decision system that uses clinical informatics, predictive analytics and machine learning to recommend evidence and experience-based expert treatment decisions, similar to decisions made by expert tumor boards. The system has been validated in clinical trials at TMC and the University of CaliforniaOlive View Medical Centre, showing 98 percent agreement between the system’s decisions and the tumor boards’ decisions. These results have been published at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium and the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

While diagnosing the presence of cancer is a standard process, treatment is highly specialized and the number of experts capable of managing complex cases is few. Many types of cancers are curable or can be managed for several years if diagnosed early and treated appropriately. Choosing the right therapy can be the difference between the best possible outcome and failed treatment.

Gitika Srivastava, Founder of Navya, says: “Most people who have had any experience with cancer are aware that given time and logistical constraints, it is not always feasible to go to tertiary care centers in metropolitan cities at each treatment decision point. Given the importance of treatment decisions in yielding the best possible outcomes, we would urge everyone to get an expert opinion through TMC NCG Online.

By working with Navya, patients can receive the best possible treatment opinion, which includes the therapy most suited (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or immunotherapy) as well as dosage, duration, side effects and other details pertinent to the treatment. The detailed report, that answers all questions, asked by the patient in language that is simple to understand, can then be shared with the local oncologist to proceed with the treatment locally.

We understand the anxiety in knowing what to do as quickly as possible, and hence have strived to ensure that we facilitate the opinion from the experts within 24 hours of getting all necessary medical reports. When deciding on treatment, you and your oncologist can be assured that the opinion rests on the experience of world renowned cancer experts and follows evidence-based protocols best suited to your specific case,” Gitika added.