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Medical tourism

A New Lease of Life:
An Iraqi patient suffering from a life threatening heart disease was given a new lease of life in Hyderabad when a medical team led by Dr Sandeep Attawar, director of advanced heart failure & solid thoracic organ transplant surgeon, Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai, and Dr Sameer Diwale, chief of adult cardio thoracic surgeon, Continental Hospitals, Hyderabad, transplanted a cadaveric donor heart onto him within 30 minutes. Khaleel, a 56-year-old male, was suffering from severe aortic stenosis with extremely poor heart muscle pumping capacity. After detailed investigations, doctors concluded the heart muscle capacity cannot be improved- hence leaving heart transplant as the only option. The entire cardiac team was activated in a matter of hours and the surgery was conducted smoothly. The patient recovered in excellent shape and was discharged within 15 days of surgery.

Patient Feedback: I would like to thank Continental Hospitals, as they have given me a fresh start in life- the doctors and nursing staff here are wonderful.

Ray of Hope:
Marwa, a 12 year old girl from Sudan, presented to us with extreme weakness, difficulty in walking and was eventually also losing grip in her hands. Upon consultations, she was diagnosed with- type @ Arnold Chiari Malformations- a very rare neurological disorder. The only treatment was a high risk surgery- which many hospitals in several countries refused to carry out. Helpless, Marwa's father wrote to Continental Hospitals hoping to save his girl. At Continental, Marwa's case was instantly taken up by neurosurgeon Dr Rajasekhar Reddy, who with his expertise was sure of successfully executing the complicated plan of treatment. Marwa's surgery was an all round success and immediately after she was able to walk almost normally and could even hold a glass of milk.

Patient Feedback: Thank you to the medical team here at Continental who ensured that she would get back on her feet.

Restoring Confidence: Tene Diboussi Masot Charlotte, a 61-year-old female from Cameroon, was experiencing a lot of pain in her hip joints whenever she walked. Her condition worsened with time and she had to restrict her daily activities as well. Upon visiting Continental Hospitals, Charlotte was diagnosed with left hip osteoarthritis Grade 4, a degenerative joint disease affecting both cartilage and bone. She was quite apprehensive about the procedure and had doubts like whether she would be able to walk comfortably and the duration of recovery required post surgery. After detailed consultation with Dr Ram Mohan Reddy, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, she overcame her fear gradually. Dr Ram Mohan Reddy performed a total left uncemented hip replacement. Post surgery, the hospital's physiotherapy specialist worked with Charlotte to help her regain maximum movement. Two weeks later, Charlotte was able to walk comfortably without any support and pain

Patient Feedback: The orthopaedic team here at CHL has done a great job. I am now able to walk painfree right after the operation. I'm looking forward to going back home and resuming my day-to-day life