Chennai's SIMS Hospitals: Seamless Service

SIMS Hospitals, the preferred centre for international patients, is making a difference to millions of lives globally

Medical tourism

1. SRM Group’s first 345-bed tertiary care super specialty hospital is in Chennai.

Chennai’s SIMS Hospital, established in 2014, is SRM Group’s first 345 bed tertiary care super specialty world class corporate hospital spread over 2,30,000 square feet, offering the following:

• Institute-centric approach, uncompromising medical and patient care.
• State of the art imaging and lab services.
• ‘Best in class’ - 15 modular operating rooms.
• Seven specialty centric ICUs.
• Day surgery unit – surgery today and home today.
• 24x7 – 21 bed accident and emergency unit with specialised protocols for trauma and medical care.
• Fleet of 16 fully equipped GPS-enabled, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) ambulances.
• In-house 24/7 pharmacy and multi-cuisine restaurant.

International Wellness Seekers
At SIMS, one is a wellness seeker, not a patient. It firmly believes that human beings script their health and disease, as one is influenced by several factors and subscribe to them, little realising its impact on the wellbeing. The hospital has a vision at SIMS Hospital of total healthcare and strive for overall health rather than limiting just to the disease.

International Patient Services
SIMS International Patient Services looks into all aspects of patient care, right from the time of initial enquiry upto scheduling of appointments, treatment, guest services, discharge, after care and interpretation, if needed. It has its own chain of hotel and transport services to facilitate accommodation and travel, to and fro. Great attention is paid to diverse language, food, cultural and personal expectations.

SIMS Institutes of Excellence:
Institute of Anesthesiology & Pain Services | Institute of Cardiac Sciences | Institute of Craniofcial Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery | Institute of Neurosciences | Institute of Gastroenterology, Hepatobiliary Sciences & Transplantation | Institute of Orthopedics | Institute of Obstetrics, Gynecology & IVF | Institute of Oncology | Institute of Renal Sciences & Transplantation

Cutting Edge Medical Technology at SIMS
SIMS Hospital has brought the finest combination of experience, expertise, latest generation technology, patientcentric approach and coordinated start-to-finish team effort available in the country for enhanced medical care and comfort. The SIMS experience is perhaps the ultimate in startto-finish medical care an expatriate can look for on the Indian soil. Many wellness seekers, who have travelled across the globe to SIMS Hospital to undergo complex procedures, have been overwhelmed and amazed by the care, warmth and support of the SIMS team. For many of these happy people for whom communication is limited to either English or their native tongue, this is the ultimate test of service excellence for any healthcare centre!