Innovative Strategies

The budget to promote super speciality services is more than single speciality

Medical tourism

1. One should tie up with the local eye clinic in the target country.


The standalone promotion of single specialities for MT can be categorised into two main broad categories: A. Single Speciality Clinics (eye/dental ). B. Single Super Speciality Hospitals (cancer/heart). The cost of medical treatment procedures in single speciality clinics (eye/dental ) are low compared to other multi speciality treatment procedures. So the promotion/ marketing budgets of these clinics are practically nil. So, they largely depend upon word-of-mouth publicity or adopt online promotion of their services. On the other hand, the cost of medical treatment procedures in single super speciality hospitals (cancer/heart) are high and so the budgets to promote their services are more and they use all kinds of promotion strategies like:

a. Personal selling though their marketing executives.
b. Opening OPD centres in the target countries.
c. Outreach programs like CMEs, awareness lectures, doctor consultation OPDs, participation in medical tourism events, etc.
d. MoUs with MOH of the target countries.
e. MoUS with medical insurance companies of the target countries.
f. Online promotion of their services. g. Promotion through medical travel companies.

1. Identify limited number of countries (say 05 to 10) as their target market.
2. Identify the procedures which need promotion, depending upon the demand in the target country.
3. Basis the identification of the target audience, the promotion plan can be decided.
4. Most of the eye centres promote cataract surgeries and lasik eye procedures which can be promoted effectively through the below mentioned :
a. Tie up with the local eye clinic in the target country and visit on regular intervals to perform cataract /lasik surgeries.
b. Online promotion of these procedures.
c. Have a combined product with the airlines which sells the eye patients an air ticket along with the cataract/ lasik surgery.

One should enter into an agreement with the MOH of the identified countries to treat their patients on a discounted price.

Dental clinics should also adopt the strategy in the same way to promote their services.

Single Super Speciality Hospitals (Cancer/ Heart):

  1. These super speciality hospitals should identify regions like Africa, the Middle East, CIS and SAARC and then identify countries from these regions (say 05 countries each region and total they can select 20-40 countries).
  2. Identify the procedures which require active promotion online as well as offline.
  3. Open OPD/facilitation centres in these countries or can open centres on the basis of shop-in-shop arrangement, ie they can open a cancer or a heart centre in a well established multi-speciality hospital in the target country.
  4. Enter into an agreement with the MOH of the identified countries to treat their patient on a discounted price.
  5. Both MOH and the medical insurance companies would love to have an arrangement with Indian hospital, as the cost of cancer/heart procedures are very high and sending patients to India for treatment for hear and cancer will reduce their claim cost in case of medical insurance companies.
  6. Conducting outreach programmes like CMEs and awareness lectures will further enhance the image of these hospitals and ultimately will result into landing up of more patients to these single super speciality hospitals.

Dalip Kumar Chopra is director,
Gurdasmal Hospitality and
Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd.