Cath lab for entrepreneurial cardiologist

Since its launch in 2016, Intuis has been installed at several prominent centres

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The Intuis from Philips is a versatile angiography system with a 15-inch detector and superior image quality at an affordable price

The Intuis is a perfect solution which enables an interventional cardiologist to perform high variety of procedures; simultaneously drives growth and reduces cost of care. With its 15” flat panel detector, it is clinically versatile, providing better anatomy coverage for a wide variety of interventional procedures like cardiac, EP, pacemakers as well as peripheral and vascular. It is a cath lab designed, developed and manufactured at the Philips Healthcare Innovation Center (HIC) in Pune, India.

Since its launch in 2016, Intuis has been installed at several prominent centres, such as:

Sanjeevan Heart Centre

Sanjeevan Heart Centre Ltd Is one of the largest super-specialty hospitals in Satara district of Maharashtra. With a capacity of 75 beds, it offers specialty services including cardiology to the local patient population at an affordable price. Dr Sanjoy Korde, MD, general medicine- one of the owners, highlighted that Intuis has the capability for supporting high throughput with diverse procedures which finally leads to tangible value for the hospital.

Sanjeevan Hospital wanted a value for money cath lab, but also without compromising on image quality and doctor-patient safety from radiation. Intuis came in as a perfect fit due to its superb image quality and versatility in procedures with a minimum startup cost and zero modification on existing infrastructure. The doctors have performed various procedures starting from basic angioplasties to complex and lengthy procedures like renal angioplasties and CTOs.

Dr Rajiv Sethi, senior cardiologist, mentions, “I am really impressed by the utility of seven magnification modes in Intuis.  It provides the best image quality available in the market out of all competitors. Its performance in performing long and complicated procedures is quite outstanding with no heating issues. It provides the best Image quality available in the market.”

Ernakulam Medical Centre

Ernakulam Medical Centre (EMC) is one of the most prominent multi specialty NABH accredited hospitals in Kochi with a capacity of 300 beds and it is one of the first Intuis sites installed in South India.

The cardiology department at EMC is developed and managed by Spandan Healthcare. JaimonIype, CEO of Spandan Healthcare, explained that they required a state-of-the-art imaging equipment which is versatile across all applications and has exceptional image quality. “We don’t look at initial equipment cost, but we look at the lifecycle cost of the equipment which is quite low for Intuis. Thus, Intuis perfectly fits into our requirements,” he said.

Both the doctor and technician at EMC, Kochi have rated Intuis very high in terms of ease of use. Intuis can be easily operated by a two member team (i.e. doctor and technician) without any disruption in workflow. They also find Intuis’ performance inlong and complicated procedures quite impeccable.

Dr Nigil Cletus, consultant interventional cardiologist, said, “I truly appreciate the 15” flat panel detector in Intuis which provides better anatomical area coverage. Intuis has performed better than my expectations from a value-end cath lab for any kind of procedure. I also really value that Intuis ensures lower radiation and dose for patients as well as the doctor which we can clearly see at the system’s monitor.”

Today’s interventional cardiologists need good quality, reliable systems that will help them perform a broad range of procedures, This need is felt acutely in tier-II or tier III cities, where the availability of effective healthcare infrastructure is often a challenge.

Partha Paul, business head for interventional X-Ray, India Subcontinent, stated, “With Philips Intuis, we are addressing the evolving needs of cardiologists and patients beyond metros and tier-I cities. Intuis’ high throughput and ability to perform diverse procedures deliver tangible value - day after day, year after year. This allows the cardiologist to have a high return on investment and break-even early.”