Frontier Lifeline to set up a heart transplant centre in Sri Lanka

Nawaloka Hospital has invited Dr KM Cherian to set up the heart transplant programme centre

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Nawaloka Hospital, one of Sri Lanka’s largest private hospitals and the first to introduce intensive care units, coronary care units, laparoscopic surgery and thoracic surgery, has invited Dr KM Cherian, chairman and CEO of Frontier Lifeline Hospital, to set up a heart transplant programme centre at Sri Lanka.

Said Harshith Dharmadasa, director, Nawaloka Hospitals PLC, “India is considered to be the leading country for its best facilities, techniques and trained surgeons for heart transplant which have brought the country on the world map with the success stories of transplant patients.” The advanced medical science techniques, development of effective immunosuppressive medicines and the modes to change acute heart rejection have aided the growing number of successful heart transplantation in India. “Sri Lanka has always been keen to develop a heart and lung transplantation programme and make it a centre for neighbouring countries, hence we thought to do it right and approach Dr KM Cherian who would help us to set up Sri Lanka’s heart and lung transplantation programme to international standards,” added Dharmadasa.