Healthureum announced the first Blockchain based Healthcare setup to combat Drug Traceability


Estonia-based health-focused startup Healthureum, by strengthening its foothold in Indian market, today announced a Blockchain-based 360-degree ecosystem for administering medical care in a reliable and accurate manner. Health sector is an important contributor in every nation’s GDP and economic infrastructure. However, over the recent years the same has been suffering from certain challenges Like Drug Traceability, medical interoperability so on and so forth.

Healthureum the recent Blockchain based healthcare system is a solution to critical challenges that healthcare system has been facing for years now. Healthcare is going to be an ultimate solution to key stakeholders who have been complaining about several issues like Transparency, access to information, Disparities in treatments so on and so forth. With the help of Blockchain, it will be easier to track the transaction nodes between the key participants like drug manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacists, medical representatives thus securing the product information, combating the problem of counterfeit drugs, thus contributing to overall Drug Traceability on the smooth road.

Healthureum’s platform is designed on the Ethereum-based blockchain using smart contract technology to significantly improve efficiency and interoperability of healthcare services. Blockchain technology will help connect all hospitals on a global scale thereby improving the rate at which information is shared between these institutions. Healthureum the 360-degree blockchain based health care system guarantees full fledged transparency and clarity that have been missing till date.

Ritu Tyagi, Head of Global Marketing, Healthureum quoted, “Healthureum as a system ensures 100% access and transparency, which is missing in the present infrastructure of Healthcare machinery. We believed drug traceability is the major issue and ever since the rising cases of medical terrorism are there, we believe a system like Healthureum is a blessing since the same will ensure the transparency involved in the blockchain technology will keep a track of every stage of supply chain system and easy drug traceability.”

Healthureum operates on the Ethereum blockchain using an ERC20 standard to deploy smart contracts for health-related services. Healthureum’s innovative platform focuses on six core areas to bring widespread efficiency and transparency, and cost savvy healthcare. Healthureum, the latest fin-tech revolution is going to gift healthcare with a level of standardization and scalability that has been an alarming concern for years now.

The Estonia based startup is all geared up for their first Token Generation event and as per the spokesperson, “The new healthcare based 360-degree setup, “Healthureum” is going to be one of the best gift of technology to healthcare as the same will offer a convincing connotation between Blockchain technology and healthcare.