Wellthy Therapeutics presents groundbreaking results


Digital therapeutics leader Wellthy Therapeutics shared interim results of an ongoing real-world pilot to evaluate the effectiveness of the Wellthy Diabetes Smartphone app, becoming the first company in South Asia to do so. The results were shared via an oral presentation and a scientific poster presented at the 11th International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD 2018).

Wellthy Therapeutics presented data that demonstrated how the use of the Wellthy Diabetes Smartphone App (WD) improved glycemic control. On completion of 16 weeks, participants showed a reduction in their HbA1c by (-0.61%) on average, with 61.5% of participants having showed significant reduction in their HbA1c with an average of (-1.17%) reduction.

Wellthy Therapeutics also presented real-world data demonstrating how WD could potentially help physicians and HCPs personalize care for their patients through data-driven decision making. This abstract reported data from 129 participants tracking them for 116 person days each. During the real-world study, participants shared 348 clinical and lifestyle data points on average. In total, the study captured 44,976 diabetes-related clinical and lifestyle data points and 144,695 minutes of physical activity over 15,042 user days.


Prof. Satish Garg, Editor-in-Chief, Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics and Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, University of Colorado Denver, said, “I am delighted to see positive results from an evidence-supported tool that is culturally relevant for South Asians living with type-2 diabetes.The number of people with diabetes continues to rise, and further improvement in population health outcomes has to be driven by decision support systems. Data-driven clinical decision support is the future of diabetes care and offers the opportunity to personalize care even further. Further larger randomized sample size studies are needed to confirm these findings.”

Abhishek Shah, CEO, Wellthy Therapeutics, said, “Asia is the epicenter of diabetes incidence and growth globally. While there are plenty of companies that have shown digital therapeutic clinical efficacy in North America, we continue to pioneer real-world credible outcomes for a digital therapeutic that works for South Asians with type II diabetes.”