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Healthcare Radius – SPRINGBOARD

A 360 degree media support for Emerging Brands

Many emerging brand face issues in their early stages of inception. Significant amount of funds get siphoned in developing the product & technology. As a result, somehow Marketing & Brand Building takes a backseat. The cornerstone of any emerging brand is its ability to position itself right in its category. Many companies experience cash burnout in setting up infrastructure, technology & people. As a result strategic brand communication becomes increasingly difficult.

Healthcare Radius introduces SPRINGBOARD a unique promotion model that provides the much-needed thrust to drive deserving brands. We offer a pronged 360-degree media support reaching out to 40,000+ relevant healthcare audiences in over 2000+ Indian hospital spectrum. Our program will gets your brand the traction needed in the market place and help achieve a position in the consumer’s mind.

Eventually, the strength of the brand determines the strength of business and finally the valuations and attractiveness it commands in its category. Bank on SPRINGBOARD, It is the opportunity for emerging brands to make their own position in today’s cut throat competition.

A 360 degree media support

SPRINGBOARD promises to offer unmatched set of deliverables to reach out your brand message. Leverage the advantage of Healthcare Radius’s strong magazine readership and social media popularity. By enrolling your brand becomes a part of our aggressive digital and social media engagement. We offer the follg:

  • Print Ads – Your print ad message reached to a targeted national audience
  •  Emailer Campaign – Embed your ad message in our monthly HR Emailer & get advantage of our email subscriber database
  •  Social Media Posting – Making use of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to post content in attractive manner
  •  HR Weblog – Press content to be published on HR Blog to maximize online readership
  •  Healthcare Radius Channel [NEW] – Get your videos hosted and promoted on HR YouTube Channel
  •  Website Correction and Promotion [On Demand]
  •  YouTube Channel Creation and Promotion [On Demand]
  •  Whatsapp Campaign[NEW]  – Selective content posting

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