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The Hospital carries out rare and successful ABO incompatible kidney transplant

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Weyrah Dahir, a 64 year old gentleman from Somalia, had been suffering from end stage renal disease and was on dialysis for over four years. Being a hypertensive patient,
his kidneys were seriously deteriorating and this compelled Dahir to seek for alternate treatment options, such as a renal transplant. However, the challenge in Dahir’s
case that having an O+ blood group, there was no family member with a compatible blood group to carry out the transplant. His nephew with a blood group of AB was the closest match, and since this was the only option, the team of experts at Continental Hospitals, Hyderabad decided to initiate the pre transplant workup.

Since this was an ABO incompatible match, the family was thoroughly counseled about the possible risks and infections associated with a kidney transplant carried out between incompatible blood groups. After establishing familial relationship between the donor and recipient through DNA matching, the clinical team at Continental Hospitals, Hyderabad began the HLA matching process. There was no HLA match between the recipient and donor, and the patient’s significant titers added to the difficulty of the transplant. Being the least preferred blood group for ABO Incompatible transplant, this was a very challenging  task for Dahir’s medical team. The risks of organ rejection were very high and the family was
thoroughly counseled about the same.

To overcome the challenge of incompatible match, the team developed an in-house antibody assessment process using gel card method. The results obtained here were measured against those from other labs to affirm their accuracy. The patient was started on biological- The Hospital carries out rare and successful ABO incompatible kidney transplant
cal agents, immunosuppressants and double filtration plasmapheresis to remove antibodies from his blood. After five sessions, the patient’s titers were brought to the desirable range and it was now possible to perform the kidney transplant.

A team led by Dr Vishwambar Nath, Chief or Urology & Transplant Surgeon consisting of Dr Dhananjaya K L, Consultant Nephrologist, Dr Shyam Varma, Consultant Urologist, Dr Jyothirmayi K, Consultant Psychiatrist and Dr Vishwanath Gella, Consultant Pulmonologist,
took charge of the case. The transplant was a successful procedure without any complications, and the patient was discharged by the 10th day with 1.2 creatinin levels,
which is the best outcome in any scenario. The donor kidney was retrieved through a laparoscopic nephrectomy which greatly reduced recovery time of the donor to only 4 days.

Dr Dhananjaya KL, Consultant Nephrologist, Continental Hospitals, says, “The patient had been on dialysis for four years, and he faced a very low life expectancy had he continued with dialysis. With the successfultransplant, he can now lead a healthy life for another
12-15 years. Using new methods like double filtration plasmapheresis and other process, we were able to minimise rejection and infection risks, while optimising the patient’s post operative recovery. It is very difficult to achieve such positive outcomes given the worst
HLA and blood group match between the donor and recipient. ” The Green OT certified facilities available at Continental Hospitals ensure minimal risk of infection, which enhances the patient’s recovery process.