Gamechangers in MVT - Milann – The Fertility Center

The group has helped over one lakh couples successfully overcome infertility problems

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Milann is a leading infertility chain in India and a brand synonymous with high standards of clinical quality, medical expertise and compassionate patient care. It is headed by its Medical Director Dr Kamini Rao, a recipient of the Padma Shri, who is ably assisted by a competent team of 25 doctors, 10 embryologists and a 260-strong support staff of nurses, laboratory and administrative personnel who manage the operations at Milann. With its unique approach to treatment, Milann has helped over one lakh couples successfully
overcome infertility problems. With four centres in Bengaluru and Centres in Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, and Ahmedabad, Milann is on the road to a pan India presence
and is also the centre of choice for patients from all over South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Since its inception in 1990, Milann’s approach has been a careful blend of personalized care, cutting edge technology, ethical practices and uncompromising quality resulting in success rates that compare with the best in the world. Among Dr Kamini Rao’s early contributions to the field are the establishment of South India‘s first semen bank, India’s first SIFT Baby and South India’s first babies born through ICSI as well as through Laser Assisted Hatching a vision of developing superior talent led Milann to the setting up of our education vertical and initiating post doctoral fellowship and training programs for clinicians and embryologists. This has resulted in a pool of talent who are culturally and clinically connected with the philosophy of Milann.

Milann’s outstanding achievements include
 An established track record of Good Clinical Practice
for over 27 years.
 Treatment for over 1,00,000 infertile couples.
 A high clinical pregnancy success rate of 40 to 50%.
 World class specialists for infertility and high-risk
 Strong team of 20 infertility specialists and over 10 embryologists.
 India’s first successful SIFT baby.
 South India’s first ICSI and Laser Assisted Hatching

Milann has initiated cost effective, innovative and patient
friendly programmes like:
1. Low Cost IVF.
2. Minimal Stimulation protocols.
3. Vitrification technique leading to an increase in Embryo
Freezing and Frozen Embryo Transfers translating
to a reduction in repeat cycle IVFs.
4. Freeze all vs fresh embryo transfer
5. Individualizing IVF treatment resulting in better yield and quality of oocytes resulting in higher pregnancy rates.

These protocols are associated with fewer side effects, incurs a low risk of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome, has a lower cost and good success rates. Milann offers these protocols as a cost effective, safer alternative to the standard IVF programme. Milann is committed to providing excellence in quality service, care and treatment using the world’s best standards and applying them to our quality systems. Implementation of ISO for over a decade, and application for NABH and NABL has initiated organisational and structural changes such as introduction of quality control systems, and quality related committees, which have facilitated a systematic problem-identification and problem- solving process, resulting in streamlining of treatment protocols and practices, which in turn has resulted
in improved outcomes.