Wellness Tourism - Leisure & Rejuvenation

Wellness travel is being promoted by even federals and funded by the Ministry of Tourism in many countries

Medical tourism

When we say ‘Wellness Tourism’ the first thing that comes to our mind is a remote and calm resort, island or beach or even a hill station where one can detox, relax and rejuvenate in the lap of mother nature. Wellness Tourism is not just visiting the above places when it would be so much more meaningful when a few aspects like herbal medicine, nutrition & diet, exercise & yoga, and other alternative therapies that are approved and accepted by science and medical councils are added to it. Though wellness tourism has nothing to do with medicine or surgery, it requires one to get a health check done prior to travelling for wellness- which is again a part of leisure travel. Wellness Travel has recently gained importance though it was thought to be available only for people from higher socio-economic status and elite. Now it is being promoted by even federals and funded by the Ministry of Tourism in many countries. It is more affordable now with private players coming in and making it popular among youngsters as well as elderly. We need not seek all and every wellness services during one single trip to a destination since various destinations offer different therapies and each is renowned and good at a few.


Europeans, Americans and alternative therapy seekers from other countries are preferring India over other countries for ‘Wellness Tourism’, as India has got rich and varied geographical destinations, herbal and natural resources, and Ayurveda is an approved and proven age-old therapy along with other therapies like Unani, Sidhha, etc. The Government of India has set up AYUSH to promote the same which permits and provides accreditation for centres offering these wellness therapies after proper audits that follow protocols and prerequisites.

There are many centres overseas that offer wellness tourism services but most of them offer spa, baths, scrubs, occupations massage therapy, especially Thailand, Costa Rica, Estonia, Nepal, New Zealand, Bali, Arizona and these days Turkey as well as Vietnam too have become sought after destinations especially due to the initiative that their Governments have taken and funding the cause as well as generating huge revenues. So, it is in other words, travelling to seek peace and happiness.


India has been one of the top destinations since ages for wellness tourism and been a favorite choice for frequent travelers as well as for population seeking alternative and drugless therapy. Destinations like Kerala, Shimla, Mahabaleshwar, Goa, Bengaluru, Ooty and few other beaches and hill stations in India offer such wellness therapies accredited by AYUSH. As mentioned above, there are many centres that are approved and accredited by AYUSH that is funding and promoting wellness through alternative medicine and healing.

Most of these wellness centres in India are residential and require the visitors to stay within the facility, so that they can experience the natural surrounding, get detoxified with the help of proven age-old therapies that are written in Ayurveda medicine in addition to complete cleansing of toxins, baths, spa, yoga, exercise and relaxation. This helps us with lifestyle modification, posture correction and increases self confidence.


The seekers of wellness tourism are advised to hire a professional consultant or guide who can advise you and plan your travel based on your choice of destination, budget, type of therapy, duration, etc. Such wellness tour could be worth for money, relaxing and result oriented if it is planned very well in advance, so that we do not land in a place which doesn’t offer services that we are looking for or could be too expensive, not accredited by local healthcare authority. A quick cross-check and seeking reviews would help avoid such blunder.

Following are the recommended preparedness and due diligence, before we decide to go for a wellness tour:
1. Save money for your wellness travel at least once in a year since such a tour is not covered by an insurance payor.
2. Keep reading blogs and articles related to wellness tourism and get to know more and more.
3. Communicate and discuss with friends and family about their experience, reviews and suggestions.
4. Visit websites of such wellness travel promoters or services providers and check if they are accredited.
5. Go for complete health check before leaving for a wellness tour if the destination is overseas.

We wish the wellness tourism enthusiast all the best for their travel within and outside their country and hope the article gives you some insight before you plan to go for it.