Swiss Medical Tourism: An Upward Swing

Swiss medical tourism from Middle East is reaping the benefits from US policies affecting Muslims

Medical tourism

Medical tourism traffic into Switzerland from the Middle East could receive a big shot in the arm from the effects of US President Donald Trump’s treatment of Muslims,. There is a growing flow of Middle East patients opting for Swiss medical checks and treatments after turning their backs on America.

Trump’s policies are having a very negative effect on Muslims, as they are on a lot of other people, and medical healthcare into Switzerland is one of the beneficiaries. People in the Middle East who need an immediate medical solution will always find it because they’re strongly connected to top hospitals and clinics worldwide. In fact they have very good hospitals here so they don’t even need to get on a plane. But a lot of people here who look after their personal health capital are used to travelling to the USA for checks up and treatments at some of the leading hospitals and clinics there. Now, however, because of the current political situation in the US, they are no longer keen to travel there.

At the same time they know they will always be very well received in Switzerland. Swiss excellence in specialist healthcare and hospitality is well known to Arab audiences. The Swiss Medical Network, and the Nescens Clinique de Genolier in particular, are already very well established in this market and we expect a growing number of discerning Middle eastern travellers who demand the very best in medical treatment and hospitality.