Enhancing patient experience


mCURA will incorporate its health-tech platform with HP Hardware infrastructure

mCURA, a health-tech company which has been working with hospital OPDs and clinics to provide state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, has partnered with HP Inc. India, the IT giant. Under this partnership, HP will install the Hi-tech devices at the doctors’ OPDs which includes double-side screen systems, which would help the doctors to go through the e-prescription entered by the clinical staff, NFC enabled tablets, automated kiosks and patient education displays at waiting area. The technology developed and implemented by mCURA at different hospital OPDs and clinics will smoothen work flow of the doctors and enhance experience for the patients visiting the hospitals. With this partnership, hospital/clinics will be ultra-modernised promising best experience to patients and doctors.
Talking about the partnership, Madhubala Radhakrishnan, Founder and President of mCURA, said, “Our partnership with one of the big giants like HP India will provide next-generation experience at the hospitals and clinics. With our association, we aim to bring in Smarter Healthcare IT System and remove the current major barriers to the healthcare industry.”
“HP has been committed to improving experiences with innovative technology. Healthcare is an exceptional setting, and we are glad to partner with mCURA to deliver solutions that are safer, smarter and secure for healthcare sector,” said Vickram Bedi, Senior Director, Personal Systems, HP Inc India.
mCURASmart OPD – India’s first technology platform converts desk services into integrated mobility services that covers end-to-end patient experience, increase IT adoption and accomplish additional revenue. Rendering a technology + infrastructure+ implementation services, mCURA is resolving the problems faced in OPDs such as long patient wait times, better doctor consulting time management and revenue enhancement.
The innovative “Tap & Pay Model” & “Shortest Service Path” models offer patients minimal counter visits while completely eliminating necessity of spending valuable time at billing and registration counters. It also enables doctors, pharmacy and labs to move into a digitally secure EMR system allowing for faster patient turnarounds, speedier diagnosis, enhanced revenues and happier patients.
mCURA, a health-tech start-up, has been working in the evolving domain of mHealth. The company is known for its innovative solutions in the areas of healthcare information technology.
The company is a complete, scalable, and effective solution for the entire healthcare community with a flexible, open framework that can leverage and integrate with all modules and with external systems too. The company’s plan is to develop high-performing healthcare system, where all those engaged in the care of the patient are linked together in secure and interoperable environments, and where the flow of clinical data directly enables the most comprehensive, patient-centred, safe, efficient and effective delivery of care where and when it is needed most – at the point of care.