Medical printing systems


A full range of capabilities for your printing needs

For more than 100 years, Carestream’s innovative solutions have helped make our customers more successful with a complete portfolio of solutions for medical imaging. The company prides itself on being a company of firsts—the world’s first packaged x-ray film, the first medical dry laser imager and the first proven wireless digital radiographic detector are all part of our heritage. With more than 800 patents for medical and dental imaging and information technology, Carestream remains a worldwide leader dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations and delivering solutions that support improved patient care and physician satisfaction.
CARESTREAM’s DRYVIEW Laser Imagers offer a complete diagnostic imaging portfolio. This portfolio includes medical printing solutions for the entire imaging chain including computed radiography, digital radiography, HIS/RIS, PACS, hardcopy digital output and traditional film.
Having pioneered the use of Dry Laser Imaging Technology in India, the Carestream DryView Laser Imagers have established a market leadership position in better diagnostics, treatment planning and record formulation. DryView image quality is legendary for its ability to consistently deliver exceptional diagnostic image quality. It uses dry laser imaging technology that exposes each pixel with light rather than heat, resulting in consistent film quality and less need for service. Combined with our Automatic Image Quality Control (AIQC) technology that automatically calibrates film and imager settings to meet specific user preferences, and offers consistent film quality no matter how many films are printed.
The DryView Laser Imagers simplifies the user experience as it offers several advantages;
• The intuitive user interface includes a touch-screen user panel with built-in help interface to simplify instruction, operation and user training.
• Easy film loading with cartridge technology. Each cartridge holds 125 film sheets to minimize loading frequency. Film size changes are made easy by simply exchanging film cartridges.
• Different film sizes and types, online at the same time, which can reduce the need to refill films or change cartridges to accommodate mammography or other types of imaging.