Maxivision super specialty eye hospitals unveil yet another breakthrough research


Hyderabad-based Maxivision super specialty eye hospitals have unveiled yet another breakthrough research in eye care achieving another milestone in Glaucoma treatment. Dr.Kasu Prasad Reddy, Founder & Mentor, Maxivision group of eye hospitals carried out this research as the principal investigator and Dr.Anita K, Senior consultant & Head, Glaucoma services, Maxivision eye hospitals as the co-principal investigator under the guidance of Dr.Antonio Maria Fea, MD. – Ph.D.  ( Aggregate Professor
Dipartimento di Scienze Chirurgiche Clinica Oculistica V. Juvarra 19, Torino ).The name of the technology they did research is the MIGS technology (Micro-invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) ) to treat glaucoma.

Speaking on the occasion Dr.Kasu Prasad Reddy, Founder & Mentor, Maxivision group of eye hospitals said “ Maxivision became the first and foremost hospital  in India to successfully  carry out MIGS surgery to treat Glaucoma. Glaucoma is one of the leading cause for permanent blindness and unfortunately approximately 10% of the people with glaucoma who receive proper treatment still experience loss of vision. The process of treatment is tedious with chronic and regular use of medication which can involve various side effects and strict compliance to the regimen. Miniject is a novel micro-invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) device. It is made of proprietary STAR® biomaterial (CE approved) and biocompatible non-degradable medical grade silicone. It has soft flexible design. Implant is 5mm long and exhibits an oblong cross section of 1.1 X 0.6 mm. It has a microporous structure. It reduces IOP by channeling aqueous humour outflow from anterior chamber to supra-choroidal space. Implantation is swift and predictable using a trigger in a single-step procedure. We at Maxivision are the first and foremost to successfully implant the device in 25 patients with amazing results and minimal complications. We are proud to be pioneers in MIGS technology. It’s a safe and effective way of stopping or reducing anti-glaucoma medication.

Elaborating more on the same  Dr.Anita K, Senior consultant & Head, Glaucoma services, Maxivision eye hospitals said “ In spite of initiatives by governments, private institutions and NGOs educate people on Glaucoma in underdeveloped and developing countries, the awareness is not upto the mark. In India 80-90 % of the Glaucoma patients remain undetected resulting in total blindness. As per reports there are as many as 10 – 12mn people suffering from Glaucoma in India every year. By the time patient approaches the ophthalmologist with Glaucoma symptoms the peripheral vision loss could have happened and the damage can’t be refurbished. Early diagnosis enables the ophthalmologists to protect the vision from further loss. Regular check ups with the doctor and using the medicines can keep the Glaucoma at bay. .Miniject novel micro-invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) device is available in Maxivision to treat glaucoma”