KardioScreen: Innovative ECG launched


The India arm of iMedrix, a Silicon Valley based enterprise, launched its revolutionary invention, KardioScreen, in the garden city. The product was launched in the presence of Dr Regina Benjamin, the 18th Surgeon General of the US.
Kardio Screen is the game changer in Electrocardiography, which now detects a heart disease years’ earlier, and it takes less than a minute! Using this product, millions of patients can be screened at their location, preventing untimely deaths. The findings of Kardio Screen are accurate and comprehensive that doctors can rely on to prescribe cardio-care.
Said Dr Benjamin, who served as the Surgeon General in the US and who is on the board of iMedrix, “Many times, the delay in problem detection leads to untimely deaths among the people suffering from heart diseases. Kardio Screen is a revolution that will help address this problem and save millions of lives across the world. I am happy to be associated with this exciting enterprise and a true ‘Make in India’ story that is here to change the world for better.”