Aster CMI uses unique method to treat patient suffering from brain aneurysm

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The doctors at Aster CMI Hospital successfully treated a 55-year-old patient suffering from the severe problem of brain aneurysm and Sub Arachnoid Hemorrhage (SAH), also known as Brain Hemorrhage recently.  In a demonstration of path-breaking technology and commitment to save lives, the doctors at the hospital showcased how latest treatment methods in neurosurgery can play an effective role in brain hemorrhage treatment.

Mr. Sharma (name changed) was leading a completely normal life unaware of the fact that he was suffering from an aneurysm in one of the major blood vessels of brain. He was suffering from severe headaches commonly described as “the worst headache of your life” and came to doctor with an altered sensorium. His family had taken him to various neurosurgeons across the city for treatment, but there was no solution. After imaging was conducted on him, he was diagnosed with SAH and was referred later to Aster CMI Hospital for treatment.

The Brain Angiogram (DSA) showed Blister Aneurysm in one of the major brain blood vessel (ICA), which is difficult to treat with open brain surgery. After a detailed case evaluation, the patient was treated by endovascular procedure by placing a Pipeline Flex Flow Diversion device in the diseased area.

“This is essentially a flow diversion device to treat complex giant aneurysms or blister aneurysms (in this case) that cannot be treated with a surgical clipping. A flow diverter seals the affected vessel, allowing the aneurysm to heal and reducing the risk of rupture,” said Dr Santhosh NU, Consultant, Neurosurgery & Endovascular Neurosurgery, Aster CMI Hospital.