Thought leadership series

Medium is organising a Panel Discussion in Hyderabad with the subject being ‘Has Medicine Lost Its Soul?’

Ameera Shah, Bhavdeep Singh, Dr Evita Fernandez

Given such a large and diverse population we have in the country, healthcare has to address multiple challenges: geographical access, quality and affordability. Woefully inadequate healthcare infrastructure, clinical manpower crunch, low penetration of health insurance and excessive urban bias on the part of the providers add to the problems.

In many medical encounters, patients can be very vulnerable. Their health – or indeed life itself – may be at stake. In such situations of anxiety and uncertainty, they desperately need institutions they can trust completely. They expect objectivity and professionalism; and they need to know that what is being offered to them is done on the basis of need and effectiveness, not as a means to profit the organization or the physician.

“Healthcare today is suffering from acute trust deficit. We believe that the time has now come to step out of our comfort zone and have some difficult conversation about the way healthcare is delivered and managed in this country,” says Ratan Jalan, Managing Director, Medium Healthcare Consulting.

He adds, “We have conceptualized a thought leadership series, which will identify and address some of the burning questions in healthcare in the Indian context.”

To kickstart the process, Medium is organising a Panel Discussion in Hyderabad with the subject being ‘Has Medicine Lost Its Soul?’ The panel shall have the following eminent healthcare professionals: folks, who are excited about the possibilities of shaping the future of healthcare, and are known for sharing their perspectives rather fearlessly:

Ameera Shah Managing Director, Metropolis India

Bhavdeep Singh Former CEO, Fortis Healthcare

Dr Evita Fernandez Managing Director, Fernandez Hospitals

Dr Harish Pillai CEO, Aster DM Healthcare, India

Lara Bezerra Chief Purpose Office (MD), Roche

Chandy Abraham CEO: Healthcare Vertical, ITC Ltd

The panel discussion is scheduled for June 14, Friday, 5 pm at ITC Kakatiya, Hyderabad. This shall be an exclusive, invitation-only event to ensure that the deliberations are meaningful and are further enriched with audience participation.