A new chip platform on the hearing system market

Excite, Hansaton

Excite by Hansaton, a Sonova brand, is a new hearing system platform promising excellent Bluetooth® connectivity¹ and a highly enjoyable hearing experience right from the first wearing. Two versions of HANSATON’s new sound XC external receiver systems will be available in June 2019, catering to hearing system wearers’ individual needs in terms of convenience and user habits: the sound XC runs on a disposable size-312 battery, while the rechargeable AQ sound XC uses a powerful lithium-ion battery.

The new RIC product line uses Bluetooth 4.2, which most iOS and Android systems worldwide support, to transmit data quickly and energy-efficiently between hearing systems with the EXCITE chip and mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, or audio sources. This Bluetooth protocol transforms the hearing solutions into wireless headphones, perfect for hands-free, binaural telephoning, listening to podcasts, or streaming music and TV.

With the rechargeable AQ sound XC, hearing system wearers can stream up to 11 hours of music or voice chat audio, or a full 16 hours of TV sound.