Cadila Pharma bags TISS LeapVault CLO awards in two categories

The company adopted a mix of classroom teaching and e-learning using WhatsApp as a tool to ensure the application of the key learnings

Cadila Pharmaceuticals, TISS LeapVault CLO awards, Awards, Social Media Based Learning Program, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Cadila Pharmaceuticals bagged two TISS LeapVault CLO awards under the categories of ‘Program for Sales Enablement’ and ‘Social Media Based Learning Program’. Tata Institute of Social Science-Leapvault CLO Summit and Award is a prestigious event, which brings together leaders from human resource, corporate learning, coaching, organization, and leadership development. This award was conferred on the Learning and Development (L&D) team of Cadila Pharma for their initiative of training the field force using WhatsApp.

When the world is trying to build specialized apps for specific functions, Cadila’s L&D team thought of an idea of using the existing platform of Whatsapp to increase their reach. Hence, the team merged e-learning with social media for the training of the field force. The L&D team of Cadila Pharmaceuticals began its training program in January 2019. The objective of the training is to build customer-centric capabilities of its diversified field force using new-age learning tools. The company adopted a mix of classroom teaching and e-learning using WhatsApp as a tool to ensure the application of the key learnings.

The L&D team trained 1,999 employees across 13 locations in ten days. For the remainder of the training program, the team used WhatsApp to ensure a regular connect was maintained with the teams. Through innovative weekly campaigns of selfies, audio and video clips to ensure the application of the learning, which included grooming, interpersonal skills, and communication.
Dr. Sunil Singh, the Chief Human Resource Officer of Cadila Pharmaceuticals and Mr. Ajay Tyagi, Chief Learning Officer of Cadila Pharma were the brains behind this creative solution. “We observed 30% adoption among our colleagues, which is higher than the standard 20-25% usually seen in e-learning. This initiative is one more step towards our vision of becoming a progressive, transformative and a caring organization.” Dr Singh said in a statement.
This recognition comes recently after two awards won by Cadila Pharmaceuticals for the “Best Warehouse Workforce Award” at the Second Annual Future Warehouse Summit Awards 2019 in the month of July 2019 and a WorldStar Packaging Award in May 2019.