Sagar Hospitals sets an example of emergency preparedness

Hospital is functioning as normal and all departments have resumed work as of Sunday evening

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On Sunday morning, February 9, Sagar Hospitals, Kumaraswamy Layout, Bengaluru executed a real-time emergency evacuation protocol when some of the staff members noticed smoke coming out of fourth floor where the power backup UPS room is located. It is believed that the smoke was a result of short circuit in the UPS room and it is established that there was no fire as such as there were no inflammable materials in the room. Since the cause of the smoke was not clear at the time, the staff executed the emergency evacuation protocol for patient safety as a precautionary measure.

The staff alerted the hospital authorities, Karnataka State Fire and Emergency Services Department, nearest police station and partner hospital in the vicinity. In the meantime, the hospital Fire Safety Officer and other staff members took control of the affected area on the fourth floor. As per the emergency protocol, the evacuation plan was put in motion immediately. Most critical patients were shifted to the Sagar Hospitals main branch in Jayanagar area, and the remaining stable patients were shifted to a well-equipped partner hospital under the supervision of Sagar Hospital medical team.

Sagar Hospitals nursing staff and doctors have been keeping a minute-to-minute track of health all patients who have been shifted. The response time from the time of noticing the smoke to evacuation of patients was less than 90 minutes. Response from the fire department, police and partner hospital was immediate.

Sagar Hospitals is a nationally recognised organisation with NABH accreditation. It conducts regular health and safety compliance audits including fire safety. As part of the compliance, the hospital staff undergoes regular training and conducts varied mock emergency drills. Said Ravindra Pai, CEO, Sagar Hospitals, “We take such critical incidents very seriously. An internal enquiry has already been undertaken along with all the necessary precautionary measures. But, otherwise, there has not been any incident related concerns. Hospital is functioning as normal and all departments have resumed work as of Sunday evening. The Sagar Hospitals management would like to formally acknowledge the hard work of its staff members and all other authorities for their timely response.”