Need for social distancing

The total number of coronavirus or COVID-19 cases has crossed the 200-mark this morning- which is alarming to say the least

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The death of four people has been reported from Delhi, Karnataka, Punjab and Maharashtra due to COVID1-19. The spread of the highly infectious disease has prompted the WHO to declare it a pandemic.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emphasised on the need for social distancing, besides urging people to observe a ‘Janata curfew" this Sunday.

Social distancing is intended to reduce the amount of interaction people have, so as to reduce the chances of contacting and spreading the virus. Experts point out that the sooner social distancing measures are introduced, the slower infection rates will be. Social distancing would also help reduce pressures on health services. While India is adopting stringent steps to contain COVID 19, kudos to the celebrities who have come forward to emphasis on the need of social distancing.

Once such Bollywood actor, Karthik Arayan, has created a video urging people to stay indoors and observe social distancing.