Small Bites pioneers video consulting for children’s dental care

According to a study, only 9 per cent of the total dentists in India is specialised to provide paediatric oral health care

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Bengaluru-based exclusive dental care experts for children, Small Bites, has announced the launch of TeleBites, a video dentistry service in Bengaluru to address dental health concerns of children. This first-of-its-kind initiative by an exclusive children’s specialist in dental care comes at a time when people are locked-down on account of the pandemic and also, as a response to the sharp spike in the number of inquiries during the lockdown. This initiative by SmallBites marks their onset into the growing tele-video consultation space.

Commenting on the initiative, Dr Premila Naidu, Founder of Small Bites, said, “While teleconsultation is becoming the order of the day in various health streams, remote consultation for child dental care is more challenging. With this launch, Small Bites become the first and only exclusive dental care speciality clinic to launch tele - video consultation in Bengaluru.  The holiday season is just the right time for kids to feast on sweets and sugary items giving rise to many dental issues and resulting visits to the dentist. Parents can, from the comfort of their home, consult our dental experts for finding immediate solutions for their kids’ dental ailments. The virtual consult services include dental appointments, consultation, first aid measures and medicine prescriptions.”

“Our objective is to make the process of consultation as seamless as possible without having to compromise on the quality of the treatment given. A video call is scheduled with the child and parent post reviewing the images provided beforehand to analyze the seriousness of the situation. Engagement with the child is key here to put the child at ease. Though this initiative was started in view of the current health scenario due to the lockdown, we plan to continue this effort moving forward, to reduce the distance between the patient and doctor especially in traffic-congested cities like Bengaluru” added Naidu.
Paediatric dentistry as compared to adult dental care is more complex and difficult. The inability of a child to explain the exact problem and understanding the severity of the situation and the consequences makes paediatric dentistry more challenging.

According to a study, only 9 per cent of the total dentists in India is specialised to provide paediatric oral health care. On the contrary, 32.7 per cent of the Indian population is of the age group of zero to fourteen years, which reflects that there is a greater demand for paediatric dentists in India.