Dr Trust, Dr Physio debut as first healthcare and wellness products at Croma stores

Nureca becomes the first company to sell healthcare and wellness products from its Dr Trust and Dr Physio brands at Croma stores across India

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In a first for the Indian market, Nureca Pvt Ltd has joined hands with Croma, India’s first Omni-channel electronics retailer from the Tata Group, to emerge as the very first company to sell healthcare and wellness products through Croma stores. As part of this tie-up, Nureca will sell products from its Dr Trust and Dr Physio brands at 30 Croma stores across the country

India’s healthcare and wellness landscape is beset by multiple challenges. The country has a vast population, which includes a large number of senior citizens, who now have fewer family members to take care of their medical needs owing to the rising trend towards nuclear families. Furthermore, owing to work-life imbalance and other contributing factors, the incidence of lifestyle disorders and related health issues among working people is on the rise.

Home healthcare and wellness technologies can play a crucial role for the geriatric population in preventive healthcare by enabling them to regularly monitor vital health parameters while enabling working people who cannot take out the time to visit clinics on a frequent basis to avail the same facilities at home itself, and that too at affordable prices.

“Nowadays, there is a renewed focus on healthcare to be able to better cope with the pressures of fast-paced modern living. Consequently, home healthcare and wellness devices have become more of a necessity rather than a luxury. However, the limited availability of healthcare and wellness devices and the lack of awareness about these products has been a major impediment. Nureca seeks to bridge this gap by making these devices available through the tie-up with Croma,” said Saurabh Goyal, Director, Nureca Pvt Ltd.

Affordable home healthcare technologies can be a boon, both as regular health monitoring tools and therapeutic devices like massagers. With India witnessing a growing need for tech-driven home healthcare devices, Croma’s nationwide presence will help make Dr Trust and Dr Physio solutions easily available to a wider audience.

“Dr Trust’s product range comprises trustworthy medical devices and health monitors, which are backed by pioneering technology. Dr Physio, on the other hand, offers some of the most imaginative and restorative wellbeing and personal healthcare products. While both these brands have a strong presence across e-commerce platforms, the tie-up with Croma will ensure the availability of high-quality yet affordable healthcare and wellness technologies among people who want to physically explore a product before purchasing it,” said Goyal.