GOQii charts its 2020 roadmap of new products, services & partnerships

GOQii Launches ‘GOQii Smart Stride - Connected Treadmill’, ‘GOQii Smartwatch’, ‘GOQii Smart Weighing Scale’

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GOQii, the smart-tech-enabled preventive healthcare platform, made a slew of announcements during its annual event #ReimagineHealth in Mumbai. Given the state of ‘Sickcare’ infrastructure in India, GOQii strongly believes that preventive healthcare is the only long-term solution to transform Healthcare. GOQii is working on its vision of ‘The Internet of Health’ by making preventive healthcare accessible under the GOQii Ecosystem. "LevelUp Your Health" is the mantra GOQii is adapting to help people take ownership of their health and become a better version of themselves.

Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO of GOQii announced the launch of its product ‘GOQii Smart Stride - Connected Treadmill’ in India. The first-of-its-kind smart treadmill that immerses the user with GOQii Play - live and on-demand workouts, at the comfort of one’s home. Health enthusiasts can indulge in activities such as walking, running and other forms of cardio, under the supervision of live celebrity coaches. With Real Time ClassSync: Coaches can remotely control the speed of all treadmills to ensure that users are getting the same intensity of Workouts during the class.

The GOQii Smart Tread – Connected treadmill base model will be priced from Rs.25,000/- and comes with a 12-month GOQii Coach and Care team subscription.

The company also launched the ‘GOQii Smartwatch’. The smartwatches are trendy and will be available in different colours to suit the preferences of the health-conscious customers. GOQii VitalPro version will be powered with ECG Monitor and GOQii RunGPS Pro version will be powered with ECG Monitor and GPS. Pricing of the smartwatches will be starting at Rs.6999/- and will be available by March 2020 and comes with a 3-month GOQii Coach and Care team subscription.

GOQii also announces launch of GOQii Smart Scale which can measure BMI, Body Mineral Content, Muscle Mass, Body Fat, Body Water percentage, BMR, Visceral Fat level and Skeletal Muscle with a 3-month GOQii Subscription.

At the event, Vishal Gondal announced a partnership with Bajaj Allianz General Insurance to take Health Insurance to the masses codenamed 'Ayushman India'. GOQii &Bajaj Allianz General Insurance will be offering GOQii users a Universal Healthcare Cover of Rs 5 lakhs with benefits based on preventive health matrices. The service is expected to launch in the 1st half of 2020.

“Aayushman Bharat is providing health coverage to India's bottom of the pyramid. Our aim is to provide Health cover to the middle and lower income segments who can adapt healthy lifestyle & enjoy health insurance benefits. The goal is to cover 100 Million Indians under the plan over the next few years" said, Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO, GOQii.

“We are in line with PM Modi’s vision of Fit India and are happy to partner with GOQii to provide revolutionary health insurance coverage with benefits focused on preventive health care,” said Tapan Singhel, CEO, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance.