A practical guide to building strong healthcare brands

Gauri Chaudhari writes her maiden book on healthcare marketing

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Gauri Chaudhari, Co-Founder of Brand Innerworld, recently wrote her maiden book on Healthcare Marketing ‘The Perfect Pill: 10 Steps to Build A Strong Healthcare Brand’.

The Perfect Pill, presents A Robust Healthcare Brand Building Model comprising of 10 key steps, which lead up to creating a Brand Proposition that is valued by patients and doctors. The beauty of each step is that in itself, each step is a brand-differentiating tool. The model is not only useful for the branded generics but also for the patented brands as it helps in creating unique customer value.

The model brings patient centricity to the brand-building process and also addresses the needs of the medical fraternity that struggles to provide better health outcomes. Obviously, such brands create demand-pull in the market leading to the ultimate Win-Win situation for Patients, Doctors and Healthcare companies.

Gauri Chaudhari has over 27 years’ experience in building healthcare brands for the top 20 healthcare companies in India. She said, “The ultimate objective of any brand irrespective of the industry is to create customer value. A healthcare brand must create value for patients and doctors to improve overall health outcomes.”

Indian biopharmaceutical industry has a unique character. It is dominated by branded generics. Though they are called branded generics, they are marketed more as ‘generics’ than ‘brands.’ They remain mostly undifferentiated in their formulation and promotion. Hence, one can easily replace the other. This generic nature of the brands does not add any value to patients or the medical practice. At the same time, it builds tremendous pressure on the sales and marketing teams who try to push their brands to the doctors.

Gauri added, “Different patients need different solutions depending on their physical, rational, and emotional needs & the generic approach rarely takes patients’ day to day challenges into account while creating and marketing brands. So strong is the influence of these generics marketing practices in the industry, that even the patented brands echo the same strategies. So, that was one of the key motivation for me to write the book and address these challenges. My book offers a combination of theory & practical guidelines with a rare blend of case studies from Consumer, International pharmaceutical and Indian healthcare industry.”

The foreword is written by MG Parameswaran, a Brand Building Expert and author of books on brand building. The book is available on ecommerce sites & leading bookstores.