Onco.com sees 140% jump in online consultation in April 2020

During the lockdown phase in India, availability of specialised oncology care online has been a boon for cancer patients and their families in India

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Onco.com, India’s leading digital platform for cancer care, recorded a significant jump of 140% in its digital consultation services in the month of April 2020. Adoption of Onco’s Online Opinion grew by 53% in Tier-2 and Tier 3 markets and saw a growth of  35% growth in overall traffic to the site from non Tier-1 markets.

In under a month of its launch, ‘Call Onco’, the teleconsultation service launched by Onco.com saw an increase in adoption, owing to movement restrictions due to the lockdown and limited availability of doctors for in-person consultation, and were able to connect the patients with top oncologists in their network within a few hours.

Given its well-established network of over 1500 oncologists and 500 plus hospital partners, Onco.com has been able to support close to 10,000 patients each month by working very closely with oncologists and hospital partners to ensure continuity of care towards cancer patients, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through Call Onco, cancer patients and caregivers have been able to get advice from oncologists through a telephonic call or video conferencing, for queries ranging from their current treatment status, diagnosis, and precautions against COVID-19. Additionally, for patients looking for detailed treatment advice, Onco.com also offers a premium online opinion service called Onco Tumour Board, where patients and their caregivers can get detailed treatment advice in the form of an online report from a multi-disciplinary panel of senior oncologists.

Rashie Jain, CEO and Co-Founder of Onco.com, says,  “In these unprecedented times, we have a singular goal - we want to ensure that every single patient receives the treatment that they require and gets the most relevant advice from experts no matter where they are. More than the geographical distances, or travel bans, what patients and caregivers seem most affected by is the lack of information on what alternatives are available to them when their current treatment is delayed or put on hold.”

“We are working in tandem with our oncologists and hospital partners to ensure continuity of care towards cancer patients. In addition, every cancer patient at Onco.com is assigned a dedicated care manager who engages with them throughout their treatment journey,” she added.