Mfine sees 210% growth in corporate signups

It is slated to partner with over 200 organisations by the end of 2020

Ashutosh Lawania, Co-founder, Mfine
Ashutosh Lawania, Co-founder, Mfine

Mfine, an AI-powered, on-demand healthcare service which enables virtual medical consultations, is now being used by over 200,000 corporate employees and their families for preventive health checks, mental health consultations and advanced screenings. Organisations in India are now fast turning to telemedicine as part of their employee health programmes. The Mfine Corporate product has seen strong growth in the last two months with more than 35 organisations partnering with the company to offer virtual OPD consultation benefits to their employees.

Mfine has seen 210% growth in corporate signups. MFine is helping many large organisations such as OLA in providing telemedicine as part of the overall corporate health programme. The company aims to add 200 more corporates in the next  six months.

Ashutosh Lawania, Co-Founder, Mfine, said, “The new realities of healthcare delivery in a post-COVID-19 world will necessitate the continued use of telemedicine to support social distancing and maximize healthcare resources. The COVID-19 epidemic has also fundamentally changed the benefits landscape. Employers offering telehealth benefit from a healthier and more productive workforce while employees benefit from a convenient form of medical care. It’s a solution that is going to underpin employee wellbeing initiatives in the years to come.”

With the Coronavirus outbreak, social distancing measures, and added mental stress, employees are asking for comprehensive healthcare packages as part of their employment contracts. Apart from hospitalisation benefits, some of the most common requested inclusions are teleconsultation, specialties such as gynecology and pediatrics, mental health cover, OPD visits, and home health checkups. Recently, IRDAI has also mandated health policies to cover telemedicine consultations.