Neuberg launches ‘Anywhere Anytime’ services

Healyst Laboratory merges with Neuberg Ehrlich

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Neuberg Diagnostics Private Limited, the fastest growing healthcare start-up in India, has announced the launch of Anywhere Anytime services - a first in the diagnostics lab chain space. The full-fledged sample collection and ECG services will be offered in Chennai, Bengaluru, Cochin and Hyderabad.

As part of the offering, samples can now be collected from any location that is convenient for an individual, subject to the place maintaining basic standards of hygiene and privacy. As a launch offer, the Anywhere Anytime services will be offered free of cost. The service would be catered to by Neuberg’s own, in-house trained phlebotomists. The core thought behind Neuberg launching Anywhere Anytime is to make the diagnostics tests (blood, urine and ECG) accessible and affordable to the public 24x7.

The company also announced the merging of Healyst Laboratory with Neuberg Ehrlich, by virtue of which Healyst will now be part of Neuberg Ehrlich Laboratory Private Limited. Dr P Srinivasan and Dr Saranya Narayan have been inducted into Neuberg Ehrlich Laboratory’s leadership team. Dr Srinivasan will take over as technical director, while Dr Saranya will assume the role of technical director & chief microbiologist.

A Ganesan, director – finance, Neuberg Diagnostics Private Limited said, “Neuberg has always aimed to lead the movement towards early and accurate diagnosis; and to deliver deep insights by making state-of-the-art technology and new generation diagnostics accessible and affordable to people…thus enabling better quality of life. The launch of Anywhere Anytime services and the coming in of Dr Srinivasan and Dr Saranya, who are proven experts in the diagnostics space, are in line with this endeavour.”