61-year-old man suffering from shoulder stiffness gets a second lease of life

The patient had shoulder arthritis and a tear on his tendon, stemless shoulder replacement, and tendon the repair was done to help him get back on track

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A 61-year-old resident of Mumbai, who was having shoulder arthritis with tendon tear, was successfully performed first of its kind stemless implant shoulder replacement surgery in Mumbai by Dr  Chintan Desai, at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central. The surgery was successfully performed without any complications.  The patient is fine now and is able to do his real-world activities.

Pravin Sharma (name changed), who is a resident of Mumbai, was suffering from shoulder pain, stiffness, and found it difficult to carry out his daily activities like wearing clothes, combing hair, and even bathing, since 2017. On consulting local doctors, the patient’s case was misdiagnosed as a frozen shoulder and was advised to take physiotherapy (he took it for a year), which worsened his pain. In 2019, in the month of June, the patient visited Dr Chintan Desai, and his life changed for better. On carrying out further investigation, the x-ray of the patient’s shoulder revealed that he was suffering from shoulder arthritis with tendon tear. Shoulder arthritis can be termed as damage to the cartilage inside the shoulder joint and results from gradual wear and tear of the cartilage. Due to the physiotherapy exercises, the patient developed a tear on his tendon, and fortunately, the tear wasn’t large. Hence, the patient underwent Stemless Shoulder replacement and tendon repair.

Dr Chintan Desai, shoulder surgeon from the Wockhardt hospital, Mumbai Central, said, “Pravin was not able to perform his daily activities due to stiffness and pain, The technology in shoulder replacement surgery has been evolving, and now the latest in shoulder replacement is called Stemless Shoulder replacement which is being used to help patients deal with shoulder arthritis. Till now, I have performed it on around 8 patients. It is a type of anatomical shoulder replacement wherein more native bone can be preserved. The Stemless Shoulder is a more bone preserving surgery. Only the arthritic part of the shoulder ball and socket are replaced. The risk of post-operative impingement and damage to the rotator cuff muscles and tendons is reduced. The advantages of this procedure are that there is less bone cut and pain, it enhances the functioning of the shoulder.”

He added, “But, one should also keep in mind that patient selection plays a vital role in Stemless Shoulder replacement. This is so because the implant cannot go with each and every patient, and has to be done after carefully examining the patient. The surgeon will have to choose the right candidate for Stemless Shoulder replacement very carefully. Here, when the patient was fit to go for it and after the procedure, he was discharged on the third day. The patient is able to move his shoulder with ease now. I advise elderly people with shoulder pain, stiffness, and restricted motion, to immediately take an x-ray to rule out the possibility of shoulder arthritis.”