HCG opens cancer centre in Mumbai

It offers a multidisciplinary approach to oncology treatments

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Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd. (HCG), India’s leading provider of cancer care, announced the launch of the first private comprehensive centre dedicated to cancer care in Borivali, Mumbai. The 105 bedded centres with dedicated team of specialists in oncology will provide comprehensive diagnosis, radiation, medical and surgical oncology services under one roof. The centre was inaugurated by cancer winner and actor Manisha Koirala along with Dr BS Ajaikumar, Chairman & CEO, HCG.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr BS Ajaikumar said, “With the launch of HCG’s cancer centre in Borivalli, we shall step up to providing comprehensive oncology services focused on delivering specialized outcome based treatments with a multi-disciplinary clinical approach in Mumbai. For years, HCG has been defining and redefining the future of cancer care with a steadfast vision towards patient centricity and being at par with global standards. The Centre offers stereotactic radio-surgery (SRS), Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, Nuclear Medicine department among others,and an experienced team of oncology specialists who are dedicated to deliver the highest quality of care and outcomes while catering to diverse segments of the society. HCG is best known for its outcomes in cancer care and the same has been testified by Harvard business review.”

Present at the inauguration, Manisha Koirala said, “Being a cancer winner myself, I would take this opportunity to laud HCG’s dedication towards cancer care. I have undertaken the fight against cancer few years back and, I strongly believe that ‘Hope’ is the most important formula that has helped me win over cancer. Ignorance and denial will only result in diagnosis and treatment delays, which could prove fatal in many cases. Cancer did change my life, but only to a better and positive person who is now a bastion of hope for the many undergoing the journey right now. I would urge each and everyone to take their health a little more serious and be well informed of its warning signs.”

To address the growing need for expertise and quality medical services in the region, HCG Cancer Centre will be offering holistic cancer care with a multi-disciplinary approach through specialist doctors in Medical, Surgical and Radiation Oncology. The cancer center is equipped with the advanced radiation machine, Elekta HD-Versa, which provides faster and accurate treatment for a wider range of cancers.The Centre is also equipped with PET CT for planning and diagnosing along with a 24 hours Pathology Lab. It also has a Bone Marrow Transplant Unit with 6 beds and a state-of-the-art facility that has advanced ICU and dedicated isolation rooms.