Rainbow, Bengaluru gets modern airway & voice clinic

The clinic is dedicated to the care of neonates, infants, children and adolescents with airway related problems

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Breathing is involved in each moment of our lives. So, when kids begin to suffer from an upper airway disorder or disease, it can have a negative impact on our daily routine. So, Rainbow Children's Hospital has set up a state of the art Rainbow airway & voice clinic.

“The voice and airway clinic in Rainbow Children’s hospital, Marathahalli is dedicated to the care of neonates, infants, children and adolescents with airway related problems,” said Dr Leena Balachandar, ENT Specialist at Rainbow. This is a tertiary care center and will cater various needs of children (including neonates) with complex airway and voice related issues.

This dedicated clinic will offer a host of services;

1.    Diagnostic – rigid and flexible endoscopies

2.    Functional endoscopic evaluation of swallowing

3.    Minimally invasive procedures for airway disorders (as the name suggests, it is minimally invasive thus avoids opening up of airway and scars in suitable children. This is done by passing an endoscope through the child’s throat and trachea (windpipe) under anesthesia and performing the procedure through the endoscope).

This dedicated clinic will have modern technologies which will be handled by well-known experts. This clinic will be a boon for children with 'change in voice'. For example, in such cases, after diagnosing the cause for voice change, ENT surgeon along with speech therapist will chart out a plan which may need series of speech therapy sessions or surgical intervention depending on the diagnosis. This clinic will also treat  children with noisy breathing (snoring or stridor). The clinic will also offer services for children with difficulty in swallowing and also perform tracheostomy for respective cases.

Inaugurating the clinic, Neeraj Lal (vice-president and cluster head of Rainbow Children’s Hospital) said, "We realize the need for maintaining a strong and healthy breath. Using advanced diagnostic and treatment methods, our team will treat all ailments and ensure that each breath is comfortable and strong."