Vietnamese technology products join hands to fight Coronavirus

Vietnamese domestic social media networks are contributing to the fight against the virus by providing guide on disease prevention

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Vietnamese technology companies are trying to propagate about the epidemic caused by the 2019-nCoV virus through technology platforms in various forms. Some update Coronavirus infection data in Vietnam and around the world, other products use AI to filter fake news about the disease, other are trying to make future predictions on the number of infected cases.

Real-time update on the Novel Coronavirus epidemic
Recently, Appota has just launched a new version of Lich Nhu Y mobile calendar featuring a real-time updates dashboard on the epidemic. According to Appota's representative, this feature will allow user to gain information in the simplest and easiest way, just by looking at the phones calendar. The information is updated in real time, from credible sourced like WHO, CDC, NHC, DXY & Vietnam Ministry of Health.
LNY allows user to track updates of Coronavirus in real-time
Providing informative disease prevention skills

Vietnamese domestic social media networks are contributing to the fight against the virus by providing guide on disease prevention. For example, the Ministry of Health constantly send out updated guide on preventing Coronavirus to each and every user of Zalo social network.

A Mocha's in-app game, called Mocha IQ, also organizes daily gameshow on the Corona epidemic topic to test and broaden the community knowledge. The show takes place at 9pm every day (from February 3 to February 9) with a prize of 5 million VND / day, on Sunday, the prize is up to 10 million VND.

Similarly, eDoctor - a start-up on health and wellness - organizes hotlines to answer questions and provides advices; organize livestream sessions with doctors and experts to speech, and answers about Coronavirus and how to prevent it.

Preventing fake news
Recently, a website,, was launched, allowing users to check news on Facebook regarding Coronavirus epidemic, with the website the community can collectively identify and categorize fake news. This is a very practical feature when people are faced with countless misinformation on social networks.