Apollo Hospitals, Chennai successfully performs India’s first minimally invasive double curve correction spine surgery

This procedure is at present being performed in few spine centres across the world Apollo Institute of Spine Surgery is the only centre in India

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Apollo Hospitals, has performed a surgery that transformed an Australian child’s life, and was a first for India. Dr. Sajan K Hegde and team successfully completed a Minimally Invasive Double Curve Correction using the revolutionary Non-Fusion Anterior Scoliosis Correction Technique. The 13-year-old girl was affected by Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, an abnormal sideward curvature of the spine.
Ms. Xavia, 13-year-old child from Brisbane, Australia was performing dance on a stage when her mother recognised the changes in her postures. Mr Wayne Robert Ellison and Mrs. Tiziana Teresa Simonelli were worried and started looking for a surgeon to correct their 13-year-old daughter’s spinal deformity. Xavia, who was fine like any other child, started showing signs of deformity in her spine at the age of 11, she experienced pain and there was an increase in the deformity. She was unable to carry on her day-to-day activities, medical intervention revealed that she was affected by Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS). After contacting several surgeons in other countries they reached Apollo Hospitals Chennai.
This abnormal ‘S’ Shaped double curvature of the spine is usually seen in young girls aged 8-12 year and it affects two to three per cent of children between the ages of 10 and 18, a time when the human body is growing at its most rapid pace. Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is a fairly common condition where there is an abnormal curvature of the spine, which can cause unsightly deformity of the chest, back and in some cases, patient might even have truncal shift. In its severe form, this deformity can also lead to severe back pain and can affect the normal functioning of heart and lungs.
Patients with a mild form of deformity are usually advised braces to correct the deformity and observed till maturity. When the deformity is severe, traditionally, since the last 60 years, surgical correction with implants and fusion of the instrumented segments is done. With this type of scoliosis correction, the mobility of the spine at the implanted level is completely lost and will be stiff.
Speaking about the revolutionary procedure, Dr. Sajan Hegde, Consultant Spine Surgeon, Head of Department of Orthopedics, Apollo Hospitals said, “Traditionally fusion surgical treatment is performed to address this issue, where metal implants are attached to the spine, and then connected to two rods. These Implants hold the spine in a corrected position until the instrumented segments fuse as a single bone. Today we have a revolutionary concept in treating these children. With this technique the spine deformity is corrected but not fused. This allows the children to return back to full normal activities including sports gymnastics and dancing. This was not possible with the traditional methods of treatment.”
This procedure is at present being performed in few spine centres across the world Apollo Institute of Spine Surgery is the only centre in India. The patient underwent physiotherapy, her posture has improved her ribcage, trunk and shoulders are aligned and getting better.  She is now back to her normal day-to-day activities.