Cabinet clears ART Bill to regulate IVF clinics

The Union Cabinet has cleared the Assisted Reproductive Technology Regulation Bill 2020, aimed at regulating in-vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics that have mushroomed all over the country. Reportedly, there are 1,269 ART clinics in India.

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Vishal Bali, Executive Chairman, Asia Healthcare Holdings on the regulation, said, “India is today one of the largest markets for the fertility industry with an increasing demand for assisted reproductive treatments. The ART bill is a much needed move to protect the science of IVF and consumer confidence, creating the right quality framework for the growth of this sector. Accreditation standards in the healthcare delivery sector have provided patients access to safe infrastructure, right technology, global SOPs & processes backed by qualified clinical talent. The industry hopes that the bill will lead to a more organised sector in India in line with global standards and practices.”