Completely paralysed cancer patient walks after spine surgery

She underwent surgery at Artemis hospital

Forty-three-year- old Vaijanti is a cancer fighter who is not allowing cancer to win hands down. In 2017 she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast carcinoma for which she had undergone breast surgery as well. Since then she has taken 16 rounds of chemotherapy also, which is a challenge in itself.

As if all this was not enough, recently cancer started to spread to other areas of her body as well and 2 months back she developed a  fracture in her spine which left her completely paralysed below the level of abdomen,  as much so,  that she was unable to move even a single muscle in her legs.

It was becoming an ordeal for her and her family members, as it was becoming very difficult for her to even attend to her hygiene-related needs. As she was on bed for last two months, she even developed bedsore between her buttocks.

"Only way to improve the condition and to make her any better was through surgery. However, surgery in her case was not easy because of the spread of cancer to many important organs. Also since she got paralyzed 2 months back, it was difficult to say how much of her spinal cord was still alive. We explain her in clear words that the surgery might lead her to more complications because of widespread cancer,” explains Dr Hitesh Garg, Head of Spine Surgery at Artemis hospital.

Vaijanti who is the fighter and has a very positive attitude towards life share her experiences as "I've been fighting with this aggressive cancer for last 3 years now, my spine fracture and my paralysis could not have broken me any further. Even though there was a slim chance of success with surgery, I wanted to take it. I was willing to take the risk of undergoing surgery so that I can walk again.
As per Dr. Himanshu Tyagi "Vaijanti's recovery is remarkable. We operated her on 26th December and just within a week, she could stand on her feet. To my greater surprise, after 2 weeks she came into my OPD walking. She is truly an inspiration to all cancer patients."

Cancer fighters like Vaijanti who never loose hope and are not ready to give up, is a role model for all the cancer patients out there. Her 'Never say die' attitude could encourage many more like her fighting this dreaded disease.