Type 1 Dabetes Foundation of India to be launched soon

Type 1 diabetes mellitus is one of the most common pediatric endocrine illnesses

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On March 1, Dr CN Ashwath Narayan Hon'ble Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka will be launching a national organisation of Type 1 diabetes - Type 1 Diabetes Foundation of India.

Unfortunately, India will soon become the diabetes capital of the world. According to the International Diabetes Federation, the number of people with diabetes in India is currently around 69.2 million and is expected to rise to 123.5 million by 2040.

Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) is one of the most common pediatric endocrine illnesses. Type1D is now commonly seen in kids and young adults,   who constantly need medication and monitoring throughout their lives.

These children and their diabetes education, multiple daily insulin injections, daily blood glucose monitoring, prevention and handling of acute complications, screening for and managing chronic complications, safe disposal of sharps, psychological support, and societal support rather than discrimination.

Across India, there are Type1D support groups, who provide free support services to the T1D affected kids and their families. Under the umbrella of the Type Diabetes Foundation of India, all these support groups aim to represent one unified voice to raise awareness about Type1D and rush for laws and benefits to make Type1 lives better.