Guide Infrared donates Infrared Fever Screening System worth $144,000 to Japan

Guide Infrared joins Japan's fight against COVID-19 with a donation of Infrared Fever Screening Systems

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Guide Infrared, a leading Chinese manufacturer of infrared thermal imaging systems based in Wuhan, China, has donated GUIDE IR Fever Warning Systems to Japan. The automatic infrared thermal imaging systems with AI algorithm provide efficient and accurate non-contact temperature screening and alert operators when a fever is detected -- valued at over RMB1 million (approx. $144,000).
"Social commitment is deeply rooted in Guide Infrared's corporate DNA and fighting the Novel Coronavirus epidemic has become a global responsibility. As a result, Guide Infrared has decided to join the fight to prevent further spread of the disease by donating the latest thermal imaging systems," said Mr Huang Sheng, CEO of Guide Sensmart. As a subsidiary of Guide Infrared, Guide Sensmart is responsible for the commercial business of infrared thermal imaging industry
Acting quickly, Guide Infrared collected the epidemic prevention supplies and equipment and delivered them to Japan by the end of February, and they will soon be put into use at hospitals and epidemic prevention stations across the country.
Guide Infrared, a leader in China's infrared thermal imaging system market, has a proven track record of supporting epidemic prevention with temperature measurement solutions. From the 2003 SARS pandemic, the 2009 H1N1 Influenza pandemic and the 2014 Ebola epidemic, to the COVID-19 outbreak, the firm has stood with society in the prevention of disease.
The donated devices include the IR236 automated IR Fever Screening Systems equipped with infrared thermal imaging and the IR236, a proprietary infrared detector that can help reduce the risk of infection caused by prolonged, unprotected close contact with a patient by quickly identifying fever patients within 10 meters. Thanks to the combination of big data, artificial intelligence, face recognition, the IR236 is user-friendly and delivers accurate results. The solution can be applied in crowded places, such as airports, railway stations, hospitals, banks, large factories, schools, shopping malls and supermarkets as well as residential communities.