E-teaching in epidemic season, NHG advances smart school model

HSU has built e-learning system, professional filming studio, issued policies to encourage the development of digital learning materials

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E-learning is not only a temporary solution in the epidemic's context but also a key trend towards the "smart school" model in NHG education system.

Studying online in the Covid-19 epidemic season is a solution that many schools choose to partly ensure the learning progress since students can't attend classes. However, due to the lack of preparation for e-teaching system, e-learning at some schools has not attracted enough attention and interest from students to achieve the same effect as the traditional way does.

During the student's days off due to Covid-19, NHG school systems such as: iSchool international integration schools; UK Academy international bilingual school (UKA); International Schools of North America; Gia Dinh University, Ba Ria - Vung Tau University; Hong Bang International University (HIU) and Hoa Sen University (HSU) are implementing online direct training through applications appropriate with each student. In addition, schools also regularly organize training sessions for teachers on how to use the software in order to maximize the efficiency in teaching process.

Ngo Thanh Nam, Deputy Head of Primary School in NHG, Microsoft Study Advisor said: "NHG has been regularly using e-learning methods for a long time. With the support of Microsoft Office 365, teachers can create a learning environment like regular classrooms from lectures, assigning tests, competency assessments, supporting students anywhere and anytime".

"At the high school level, we have applied many e-learning programs like double degree general education programs with many partner schools in the US through the online system. Students graduating from high school through these programs will be granted a high school diploma recognized by the top 200 universities in the US and guaranteed to get a student visa if they intend to study in the US," shared by Pham Tien Thinh, Director of Information Technology Department in NHG.

Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Vice President of HSU, said that HSU has built e-learning system, professional filming studio, issued policies to encourage the development of digital learning materials, training sessions for teachers about e-learning courses, purchasing artificial intelligence (AI) services integrated into e-learning systems to detect plagiarism and predict learners' results based on the data of attended courses and build virtual campus in Second Life.