The Government of India continues to evacuate

The Government of India has relentlessly worked towards the evacuation of Indian nationals from any major COVID-19 affected country

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The Government of India, along with States/UTs, has taken several preemptive, timely and proactive measures for prevention, containment and management of COVID-19.Continuous review and monitoring of the situation at the highest political and administrative levels perpetuated decisive preventive and pre-emptive actions in public interest such as travel restrictions, suspension of visas and self-quarantine measures.

Early establishment of point of entry surveillance and universal screening of passengers at airports and vessels at seaports, evacuation of Indian citizens from COVID-19 affected countries, adequate laboratory and quarantine facilities, have contributed immensely towards containment and management of COVID-19 in the country. 

All essential facilities like community surveillance, quarantine, isolation wards, adequate PPEs, trained manpower, rapid response teams are being strengthened further in all States and UTs.
So far, the Government of India has evacuated 1031 persons including 48 nationals from countries such as Maldives, Myanmar, Bangladesh, China, US, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa and Peru. 
Till date, 890 evacuees from COVID-19 affected countries, have been discharged after 14 days isolation and having tested negative as per protocols.
o  The 654 evacuees from Wuhan, China on 1st February and 3rd February 2020 were discharged on 18th February 2020.
o  The 124 evacuees from Japan and 112 evacuees from China, have been discharged today after having tested negative for COVID-19 in the second round of tests.

The Government of India has relentlessly worked towards the evacuation of Indian nationals from any major COVID-19 affected country. India has sent scientists, equipment for labs, reagents and brought back samples for testing to the country. So far, 1199 samples have been collected in Iran and brought to India for testing.
A special flight operated by Indian Air Force brought back 58 passengers from Iran on 10th March 2020. India also facilitated Mahan Air flight to bring back people from Iran, and today one flight with 44 passengers has landed in Mumbai. These passengers are being kept in quarantine at the Navy facility in Mumbai. Another Mahan Air flight is expected to land tomorrow in Delhi. As per the need, more such special flights will be operated to bring back Indians who have tested negative.  India is also coordinating treatment of positive people in Iran as per protocol.
The government has also sent a team of four doctors from the Ministry of Health to Rome. They have just reached Rome with sufficient material and reagents to collect samples of Indians there for onward testing in India.