Myths and facts about COVID’19

Out of every 100 people who suffer from corona virus, only 3 people are at risk of mortality.

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By the declaration of COVID’19 being a pandemic by WHO and around 129 confirmed cases in India out of 182560 cases reported worldwide, a panic within people has been genrated with lots of myths that revolve currently through social media and common public leading to misbeliefs trying to calm the chaos but causing to worsen the situation instead. Below are some common myths that revolve around the scenario of COVID’19 and facts that need to be known.

Myth 1: Corona virus is manmade.
Fact: Some sources suggest that the virus SARS-COV-2 was designed in laboratories of China and the pandemic is due to its leak by mistake. While some sources say that as the virus outbreak has occured at the time of tension between some countries, the outbreak could be strategic. But the research claims otherwise. The SARS-COV-2 is a virus that has been transmitted from a bat soup which was consumed by a human in China and got transmitted gradually to other individuals and it also closely resembles the two viruses MERS-COV and SARS-COV which are also found in bat.

Myth2 : People with COVID will die.
Fact: The mortality rate of the disease is 3%. This means that out of every 100 people who suffer from corona virus, only 3 people are at risk of mortality. Also if you have a healthy immune system, you can most definately fight off the disease with the right care. So if you are under the attack of corona virus, just focus on following your doctor taking good care of youself, maintain a good regime of diet and you need not worry to be under the death toll.

Myth 3: Drinking lots of water kills the virus.
Fact: While drinking good amounts of water and staying hydrated is good for health and immune system, its has not been confirmed that it is a measure to prevent or cure corona virus disease. Also a myth says that drinking water will move the virus down to the stomach where it would die in acidic pH but whether the virus is active in acidic pH or not has not yet been confirmed as well.

Myth 4: Antibiotics are effective against the virus
Fact: Antibiotics are effective against bacteria. SARS-COV-2  being a virus, is resistant to antibiotics. Some cases of corona virus attack have been treated but according to sources, the drug regime followed by the doctors were antiviral drugs like ritonavir which is antiviral drug used in the treatment for HIV  among several other. Another drug by the name of Remdesivir which was used to trat Ebola and MERS is being tested for the treatment of COVID’19.

Myth 5: Garlic and vitamin C supplements can help
Fact: Both the above mentioned are extremely important to maintain good health. Both help in strengthening the immune system. But whether they are key sources to fight off corona virus is still in question. Also taking any vitamin supplements unless you have a deficiency is not advisory and could potentialy lead to hypervitaminosis.

Myth 6: Holding breath will prevent infection
Fact: Althought transmission of the virus is through respiratory tract, holding your breath will not prevent the transmission. The virus is mainly transmitted from droplets of the infected person when he/ she sneezes or coughs. So holding your breath wont save you from the transmission.

Myth 7: It is not safe to receive a package from China.
Fact: The corona virus cannot live for long on surfaces of paper cardboard or other material used for packaging. So till the time you will receive your delivery, you will receive dead and unharming virus with it.

Myth 8: You can get corona if you eat at Chinese restaurants.
Fact: so is the case with eating in an Italian restaurant which is the 2nd most affect country. But this is not true. However, it is advised to be quarantined and avoiding any type of outdoors.

Myth 9: Black people dont get corona virus
Fact: Which is absolutely not true. Unlike society, corona can get to any individual regardless of their color. Dr jenefer claude says that if people start believing this myth, they would ignore the symptoms of the disease and the situation would be worsened. As a matter of fact, 10 african nations have been affected by COVID’19 with 100 cases till date. Egypt with 59 of those cases remains the most affected out of all.

Myth 10: summertime or flu vaccine can help end corona.
Fact: The US President Donald Trump had said that the corona will vanish by spring time due to rise in tempratue.But if this was the case, the virus would not have been able to survive inside the human body either as the temprature inside the human body is around 37 degree celsius. Either the statement would be false, or the corona virus would be availing some conditions inside the body to be able to survive inside the body despite the temprature. So whether this statement is true or not, we will know by summertime only.

The treatment of regime of corna virus disease includes drugs that are used in the treatment of HIV virus and it is somewhat showing success but athough the symptoms of a flu and that of corona virus disease may be similar,  there is no evidence to the fact that flu vaccine can help with ailment of the virus.

Some also say that corona virus can be killed by taking a hot bath, which is completely false as if the virus has already entered inside your body, then there is no use raising the temprature of the external surface of the body.

Myth 11: Mosquito bites spread the virus.
Fact: The carriers of the virus are humans but not mosquitoes. According to the researches conducted revolving the above statement, mosquitoes cant be blamed. Mosquitoes genrally spread any virus or bacteria by blood; by sucking the blood of the infected person and then transmitting the   virus by biting an unaffected person. But as corona virus spreads through respiratory tract, mosquitoes possibly cannot have any role in it.

Myth 12: UV lights kill corona virus
fact: While scientist all over the world strive to find a cure for the pandemic, no research says that this could actually be true. Moreover, UV light can be extremely harmful to humans and cause eye and skin diseases. So spreading of the word that UV  light could help fight the virus could be harmful on its own.

Myth 13: Spraying alcohol on body can cure corona.
Fact: As mentioned earlier, the corona virus affects after entering inside the body, so spraying your body with alcohol wont help. But you shuld use alcohol or chlorine based sanitizers to keep your hands clean, as virus can spread if it is prsent on your hand and you touch your nose or mouth. Spraying alcohol can prevent corona but cannot cure it if already inside.

Myth 14: Washing nose with saline water helps
fact: saline water is often used as a relaxant for blocked nose and common cold, but its use in treatment of corona has not gained positive reviews by healthcare professionals. Rinsing your nose with saline water could help you get relief from common cold but not from corona virus.

Myth 15: Always wear a mask.
Fact: There are conflicting views on the above statement. The US government says that wearing a mask in an untrained and unprofessional manner could actually increase the risks so the masks are to be worned by those infected with the virus so the disease doesnt spread to others, inidian government says otherwise. The indian government norms suggest to wear masks for the protction even if you are not affected.

Myth16: Pets can spread covid
fact: A pet in China got tested positive for corona virus but didnt show any symptoms of its existance inside the body and there has not been any evidence whether the virus can be transmitted from dogs or  cats to humans or whether if animals are tested positive for the virus are under the radar of the disease’s terror. The internal environment of pets is different from that of humans and it has been concluded that the living conditions inside the body of a dog or a cat are incompatible for the virus to survive and this conclusion has given relief to all those pet lovers out there.

Social media, unreliable sources on the internet and layman conversations can lead to various other misconceptions regarding the cures, causes, and casualities from the disease. What is most important to do at this time of the hour is to be safe and be updated with the sources that provide correct and relevent information regarding COVID’19. Only then can be the best treatment given, only then can be best prophylaxis be into action and only then can people be truly safe.